Despite the current terror being waged against Israel our own home grown delusionists are busy hallucinating about how we can throw away hard won achievements and trip down the old failed policies of past years which have inevitably brought us to the present tragic situation….writes Michael Kuttner.

It boggles the mind to hear and read individuals who should know better, deny the disastrous results which will occur if we repeat adnauseum actions which can only result in greater danger to the citizens of Israel. Like all who believe that they are the chosen bearers of a messianic message of salvation when these visions vanish and harsh reality prevails instead of blaming themselves for the resulting disasters, they must always cast around for a scapegoat or two in order to explain away why their original hallucinations did not bear positive fruit.

Thus for those who still peddle the same old discredited line that Abbas and Fatah are genuine partners for peace it is natural when faced with actual reality and the euphoric mirages dissolve in murder & mayhem, that the most obvious people to blame are the settlers and anyone else who advocates developing the Zionist programme of developing the Land of Israel. Included in this litany of villains are any politicians and parties on the right plus others who have long ago seen through the hopelessly failed mantras paraded forth over the years. Assisted by some media and so called enlightened intelligentsia the public has over the years been subjected to admonitions of impending doom if we do not succumb to the politically correct leftist version of universal peace and brotherhood which apparently can only be attained by further shrinking of our already truncated country.

If you think I am exaggerating let me give you some examples of the politically correct thinking circulating these days. I will follow each point with my own comments so that you can gain a better perspective of the problems we face.

  • The only choice is a two state solution with Palestine ruled by Fatah led by Abbas, along the 1967 lines, a shared capital, realistic security arrangements and no right of return of refugees to Israel. It is claimed that this would be the end of Hamas.

A solution based on the above parameters would spell disaster for the Jewish State. Going back to the Auschwitz armistice lines (as described by the late Abba Eban, certainly no right wing hawk), means abandoning strategic territory including the Jordan Valley, the Samarian & Judean mountain ranges and our water aquifers. Israel’s main airport would be within mortar range and the coastal plain where a majority of Israelis live and work would be constricted into a narrow piece of territory at the mercy of every terrorist. Jerusalem would be divided again because sharing capitals with the Palestinian Arabs is doomed to failure. Jews will once again be barred from entry to the Western Wall and other Holy sites will be off limits. There is no other example anywhere of shared capitals and given the historical connection of Jews to Jerusalem the very idea is ludicrous. Realistic security arrangements are unworkable and unenforceable. Contracting out our security to international forces is a recipe for failure and as has been proven in the past international guarantees are worthless. Anyone who claims that Hamas and other terror groups will ever agree to give up the right of return and that these groups would self dissolve is living in cloud cuckoo land.

  • The Oslo cheer leaders maintain that Fatah has transformed

Itself from a radical terror group to a political movement based on pragmatic and secular views. They assert that its leadership advocates negotiation as a means to bringing about an independent Palestinian Arab State.

Oslo resulted in Arafat and his gang being rescued from exile in Tunisia and being planted in our midst. It brought thousands of terrorists to our door step and has resulted in thousands of Israeli deaths and casualties. Far from transforming from a terror group into a peace loving bunch of benign brothers it has instead morphed into a more virulent mutation and has spawned poisonous offspring. Speaking out of one side of their mouths they portray themselves as latter day Mother Theresa’s while in Arabic for the local masses they incite violence as the means to achieve their aims.

  • It is claimed that it is our interests to reach an agreement with Fatah and that it is an illusion to believe we can destroy Hamas by eliminating missiles and tunnels.

Choosing Fatah as the best of a poor choice is no choice at all. It is like saying that we should have appeased the Nazis because failing to do so would only result in something worse taking their place. If there is no sane alternative group which is prepared to acknowledge our right to be here then we will have to wait until there is. Unless and until the Islamic and Arab world ditch their fanatical hatred of Jews and the Jewish State we are not obliged to be complicit in our own demise. Meanwhile the destruction of weapons and the means to carry out terror must proceed. Churchill knew that in order to defeat the evil of Nazism total defeat must be inflicted.

* A ceasefire with Hamas is needed and this should be for five years during which time Gaza will be economically developed and demilitarized. Fatah and Abbas must be part of the deal. Peace negotiations must be relaunched with them under American guidance.

Of course a ceasefire is needed but not before the terror tunnels have been demolished, the rockets eliminated and Hamas neutered. Ceasefires must lead to a permanent solution of the terror threat. When Israel withdrew from Gaza it left houses and agricultural enterprises for the locals to inhabit and develop. They could have made Gaza into a peaceful thriving place but instead turned it into a hell hole of hate. Until there is a fundamental change in thinking on the part of the Islamists no amount of your taxpayers’ money will make any difference. Fatah and Abbas are part of the problem not the solution. Like battered spouses who cannot accept reality those advocating American guidance for yet more peace talks with those who have yet to accept our legitimate presence here will be doomed to failure.

  • A force comprising soldiers from the Arab League and possibly

NATO should ensure the disarming of Gaza including the destruction of all rockets over the period of a year, the siege should be lifted and the EU should facilitate trade. Those ruling Gaza should be non political in nature.

Can you imagine forces from the Arab League whose members apart from Jordan & Egypt are still in a state of war with Israel and do not recognize its legitimacy actually preventing terror groups from attacking Israel? Israel’s experience with UN forces over the years has been abysmal and that is why at the end of the day only we ourselves can guarantee a total commitment to combat terror. The last time we had unrestricted trade with Gaza the cement and other material was used to build tunnels. Without some sort of efficient supervision the same sorry saga will be repeated. One has to be entirely detached from reality to believe that the terror groups will melt away and be replaced by non political individuals. The whole history of the last 66 years and more has been one of Islamic religious and political incitement. What miraculous formula is suddenly going to change a mind set which is so polluted with hate?

There are many more examples of leftist wooly thinking I could give but these should suffice for the moment. If there are still individuals who doubt my assertions about Fatah and Abbas being suspect peace partners and the dangers of abandoning Judea & Samaria please peruse the links below.

I conclude with a quote from the late Martin Luther King:

“nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.