Israel has sought to halt Hamas’ cyber warfare campaign.

Military sources said Hamas and its allies have engaged in daily cyber attacks against critical facilities in Israel. They said targets have included Israel’s government, military and financial institutions.

“Hamas is gaining skills in cyber warfare although not anywhere near those of Iran and Hizbullah,” a source said.

On July 29, the Israel Air Force targeted what was identified as Hamas’ cyber warfare headquarters. The headquarters was said to be operated by an unidentified man responsible for Hamas’ cyber division.

“Overnight, the IAF targeted five mosques which were utilized for terror purposes, such as concealing weapons, housing tunnel access shafts and lookout posts,” the military said on July 30. “In addition, the IDF targeted a facility utilized by a senior Hamas militant, who is in charge of the Hamas cyber division.”

The military has not provided details of Hamas cyber attacks. The sources said Hamas cyber warfare operatives were believed to have been trained in Iran and Turkey.

On July 29, three Israeli defense companies involved in the Iron Dome missile and rocket defense system were attacked by hackers. Elisra Group, Israel Aerospace Industries and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems were said to have been infiltrated by China’s Comment Crew hacking group. The companies did not confirm the report by the Krebs on Security blog.