[Dr. Aaron Lerner – IMRA: “any process to resolve the situation in Gaza in 
a permanent and meaningful manner must ultimately lead to the establishment 
of the Gaza Strip as an area free of any armed or military equipment or 
weapons …” 

Close but NO CIGAR.

“Ultimately” has no deadline.

The resolution doesn’t call for “ultimately” opening crossing points.

The resolution doesn’t call for “ultimately” rebuilding Gaza.

Disarming the terrorists cannot be postponed to “ultimately” – this especially when Hamas outright objects to disarming. It should be right there at the top of the “do list” when there is the maximum leverage – not “ultimately”.

Sure, all the stages of demilitarization may take time.

But Hamas is PROUD of the thousands of missiles it now holds.

They don’t deny they have them.

There is absolutely no technical problem with having scores of missiles publicly destroyed within days, hundreds in weeks and thousands also in short order.

By the way – Fatah in Gaza is also proud of the missiles it still holds and boasts about them with a photo on their website.

There is also a FUNDAMENTAL ERROR IN THE CONCEPT that provides what appears to be no limits on the weapons held under the “full and legitimate control of the Palestinian Authority”.

The Resolution should have wording that makes it crystal clear that there are ALSO limits to the weapons in the Gaza Strip. Period.

Time and again we have international authorities refer to the PLO honoring its agreements. And the most important agreements the PLO has signed are those with Israel. And these agreements – including agreements witnessed by the US, Russia, EU, Egypt, and even Norway, prohibit the deployment of
missiles in Gaza.