For the first time, Israel’s military has announced the resumption of Hamas rocket launches from the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli military said the latest Hamas rocket launch took place on Nov. 20. The launch marked a series of Hamas tests over the previous day in what reflected an effort to upgrade the weapons of the Islamic regime.

“Over the past 24 hours, Gaza terrorists have launched four rockets into sea,” the military said. This was the first Israeli military announcement of Hamas rocket launches since the ceasefire that ended the 50-day war between the two sides in August 2014. Military sources, however, reported repeated Hamas rocket launches into the Mediterranean Sea as part of the movement’s rearmament program.

The IDF military statement did not provide details of the launch or identify the rocket. Hamas was said to have launched its rocket from the central part of the Gaza Strip west into the Mediterranean.

“Indications suggest that Gaza terrorists are experimenting in order to increase rocket launching capabilities,” the military said.