Dear Malala

We hear that you are receiving the Nobel Peace Prize today in honor of your activity for peace in Pakistan.

I congratulate you for your courage and for not being afraid to fight radical Islam in your nation.

I write this as a proud fellow Muslem.

As I know how how difficult it is with so many obstacles in your way , we need to support you and we are very proud of you.

I also appreciate your decision to contribute your prize to the children of Palestinian refugees in Gaza, because they really need your help.

I must tell you that if you want to make such a donation, please do so in person and not through UNRWA ( the UN Relief and Works Agency )

If you send funds through UNRWA, Palestinian refugee children will never benefit from it, because UNRWA funds in Gaza wind up in the hands of Radical Islam.

You are personally invited to my home and my community in Jerusalem.

We will organize a trip for you to travel to Gaza to meet children there and to help you contribute your prize directly to children who need your help.

In peace,

Bassem Eid

Human Rights Activist, Political Analyst and Commentator on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict & on Internal Palestinian Politics.

Address: POB 19918

Jerusalem 91198