As I mentioned last week, UNRWA’s Chris Gunness had a Twitter meltdown over a reasoned, thoughtful op-ed piece by Bassam Eid in the Jerusalem Post, going on full attack mode by trying to smer the Post and calling to boycott the newspaper.

See how the UN spokesperson whitewashes this incident:

There was no “heated exchange” on Twitter, most of Gunness’ tweets were unilateral and his call for boycott was way before anyone from the Jerusalem Post responded. He simply showed himself to be an unprofessional, spoiled whiner who lashes out when criticized.

And, of course, Gunness did call for a boycott. There is no other way to interpret his tweet.

Isn’t it amazing that organizations like the UN that love to throw the word “impunity” around are the ones who always act with impunity with their holier-than-thou attitudes?

(h/t Ian)