Gaza,(— Keeping the Israeli public in the dark in relation to losses and casualties of the Israeli army in the last Israeli offensive on Gaza, chairman of Israeli Likud party Benjamin Netanyahu is almost blind and afraid he will have no political positon in the coming election if Hamas reveals content of the “Black Box” over the Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2014.

Informed sources stated to Alresalah paper at condition of anonymity that Netanyahu is seriously concerned that Hamas may reveal the secret information it has previously called the ” Black Box” of the Israeli aggression on Gaza in the last hours before election.

Some of Hamas prominent leaders , including vice speaker of Hamas political Bureau Ismael Hanneya , have frequently talked about secret information “Black Box” over Israel’s failure in the last offensive it waged on Gaza in 2014.

” This city keeps a lot of war secrets and it’s a black locked Box” Hanneya said in a visit to Rafah city after the Israeli offensive on Gaza.

The same sources pointed out that Netanyahu is strongly keen not to raise scandals of the Israeli offensive on Gaza , particularly the file of captive Israeli soldier Shaul Aaron al-Qassam Brigades captured in the last summer offensive. Netanyahu fears his opponents may exploit this file to highlight his failure in Gaza, which will put his political future at risk.

The sources added that If Hamas reveals some information that confirm its narration and refute the Israeli one over what had really happened in the Israeli offensive on Gaza , including the captive Israeli soldier as well as other lost Israeli soldiers , Netanyahu’s political future will be completely smashed which will be a heavy price he pays.

“If Hamas does, Netanyahu and his party will be shown as liars and cheaters in front of the Israelis, which will inevitably lead him to be overthrown, and he will lose the parliamentary election.” The sources continued.

The sources revealed that international parties contacted Hamas recently over a potential prisoners swap deal to return the captured Israeli soldiers . Yet, talks over the file were postponed post the Israeli elections that will take place on Friday. Hamas made no comments on this.

Alresalah Paper