Head of Hamas-affiliated teachers union warns UNRWA bankruptcy and service suspension will likely be met by rebellion in Gaza.

Suheil al-Hindi, Chairman of the Hamas-affiliated Arab Teachers Union of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) that serves “Palestinian refugees,” has threatened a rebellion as UNRWA warns it will have to close schools due to a more than $100 million deficit.

Al-Hindi outlined three possible scenarios if UNRWA does indeed cut its services, in an interview with the Hamas paper Al-Risalah.

The first possibility he described was that UNRWA workers would declare a work conflict and go on strike, handicapping all UNRWA services. However, he noted this step would first and foremost harm “Palestinian refugees.”

Alternatively, the UNRWA decision might be openly rebelled against as UNRWA workers in Gaza open the schools independently, said al-Hindi.

A final option would be postponing the school year’s start by a week or two.

Last month, Hamas claimed that UNRWA is “giving up its role” of providing services to “refugees,” a status designated to the Arabs who left Israel in the 1948 War of Independence as well as their now roughly five million descendants. That hereditary “Palestinian refugee” status operates in contradiction to all other refugees in the world, who are all handled by the UNHRC.

The terror group responded by then threatening the UN group with violence.

Journalist David Bedein, head of the Center for Near East Policy Research, has revealed how UNRWA schools indoctrinate children in Gaza to create a “civilian army.” He has also documented the symbiotic relationship between the agency and Hamas.

While the UN body was established for the roughly 800,000 “Palestinian refugees” in 1949, separately from the existing UNHRC which deals with all other refugees in the world, the UN took no action to aid the 850,000 Jewish refugees expelled from Arab lands after the establishment of the state of Israel.