Summer is slowly winding down and Israeli school children are in many cases reluctantly adjusting to being back at school…writes Michael Kuttner.

Many of them had participated in summer camps organised by a multitude of youth groups and organisations where they could take part in activities ranging from arts, crafts, drama, computers, sports and endless other enriching programmes. As well as making new friends and learning new skills the summer camps gave parents a welcome opportunity to enjoy a well-earned break.

The main thing to remember is that countless hours went into preparing these camps all of which were designed to provide weeks of fun, companionship and boundless enjoyment for the participants.

Summer camps are not of course unique to Israel and these sorts of activities have taken place for many years in many countries during summer vacations as well as mid-term winter breaks. Today’s adults from Australia and New Zealand will recall fond and nostalgic memories of camp days spent in the outback or countryside.

What about school children in other places? Gaza and the PA administered areas for example? Well, they also attended summer camps but that is where the similarities end. True, the children at these camps learned new skills and certainly expended plenty of energy. Their camp counselors put a lot of effort into providing interesting activities. However you may be amazed as to how different the agendas were.

In an effort to ascertain exactly what transpires at these camps and at the same time to confirm or dispel rumours, the Center for Near East Policy Research, hired a camera crew to film and document exactly what sort of fun-filled activities were enjoyed by school children there. The evidence will most likely amaze you. Without any inhibitions whatsoever, participants and organizers alike openly described and elaborated, indeed boasted, about their aims and objectives.

What comes through loud and clear are several important points.

Most of these children attend UNRWA schools and although UNRWA did not actively sponsor these camps there is no doubt that the children who attended will return to their schools newly re-imbued with a burning desire to murder Jews and become jihad martyrs.

The sponsorship of these camps originates in Iran which provides funds and weapons to terror groups running them. Thanks to Obama, Kerry and the others who have provided Iran with the additional billions needed to finance terror against Israel and Western interests, camps of this nature will expand in the future and the poisonous venom will spread.

Anyone who still harbours the inane notion that peace is about to break out and that the next generation is being educated towards tolerance and democracy should have their illusions shattered after watching this documentary. However, given past experiences, those who suffer from self-induced delusions will never be convinced even when the stark evidence hits them in the face.

This video exposé should result in steps by the international community to demand and initiate concrete action which at a minimum must mean that aid and funding is conditional on a curriculum for peace rather than war. Again, based on past track records, the UN will yawn and ignore these manifestations of incitement and instead concentrate all its attention on condemning the Jewish State at every opportunity.

The EU would rather resurrect yellow stars and label Israeli goods than tackle the real threat to Middle East and world peace. Abbas would rather drop bombshells and raise flags at the UN instead of preparing his people for compromise and peace. So long as international hypocrisy and double standards prevail there is no hope whatsoever of any progress.

Take a look at this documentary and then make up your own mind. Bear in mind that this not a staged managed or rent a crowd affair but one in which those appearing, very willingly offered their views. The events recorded actually took place and are just one example of a far wider phenomenon. Imagine for yourselves what the situation would be if these people were ever to gain control of Judea, Samaria and half of Jerusalem. Listen to the insane demands of those who want us to actually cede control of these areas. You might then begin to understand why most thinking Israelis reject it.

Unless politicians, media journalists and editors are faced with the unvarnished truths which hitherto have been ignored the magnitude of what looms ahead will go unchallenged. How many of them have a clue about the real situation here? Those advocating the creation of yet another Islamic terror State in our midst need to be exposed to a blast of reality. Help to enlighten them about the can of worms revealed by this video. Make sure they get to see it.