On August 19, in response to my findings that many UNRWA teachers were posting antisemitic and pro-terror posts on Facebook, spokesperson Chris Gunness said:

Where we find credible allegations of neutrality violations among our staff, we investigate and where it’s appropriate we take disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. And that process is audited by our major donors.

 -Chris Gunness, UNRWA Spokesperson
August 19, 2015

How about when an UNRWA school itself regularly posts pro-terror and antisemitic posts?

The Facebook page of UNRWA’s “Deir Yassin” co-ed secondary school in the Al-Buss camp in Lebanon, a school whose very name is dedicated to inciting hate against Jews, has many examples that not only violate UNRWA’s supposed rules against bias, but obliterate them.

And it has been doing it for years.

For example, it  published this antisemitic poster on their Facebook page in the wake of the abduction and murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir in July 2014:

khdeir poster

It changes the Jewish star of th Israeli flag into a swastika and depicts religious Jews dancing in celebration at the burning of a child.

The graphic was posted before anyone was arrested for the crime, but after it was already roundly condemned by all parts of Israeli society.

The caption in Facebook says “Zionist terrorists.” The use of silhouettes of dancing Hasidim show exactly what they mean when they say “Zionist.”

The school also directly encourages its kids to use violence, as it posted this Land Day poster this year making those who hurl stones at Jews into heroes:

land day

This more recent graphic, posted only last week, was more explicit in calling for students to fight Jews:

The caption says “Al-Aqsa has ‘fityan’ (a word meaning both “young men” and “heroes”) to protect it. Be with them and one of them!”

Other examples include this post glorifying war:

bass triumph

In fact, this was the school’s Facebook cover image last August:

But they also teach “human rights,” so it’s all OK!

bass hr

Because antisemitism and encouraging kids to fight is a “human right” in UNRWA’s twisted thinking.

Another photo on the site shows Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin as well.

These aren’t the opinions of individual teachers. This is the official UNRWA school site on Facebook, where the graphic on every page header makes it clear that there is no room for Israel in their world:

deir school

If UNRWA really cared about bias as much as they claim, this entire school would be closed down. But instead they will tell the school that its Facebook page makes them look bad so they should take clean it up, and avoid doing anything to actually fix the problem.

Because this is all UNRWA does when confronted with the truth. It sweeps it under the rug.