Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s Hate Speech and Threats from 2012-2015
Date  Comment Context Source
5-Feb-12 It is a jurisprudential justification to kill all the Jews and annihilate Israel, and in that, the Islamic government of Iran must take the helm Posted on the website Alef, which has ties to Khamenei http://www.wnd.com/2012/02/ayatollah-kill-all-jews-annihilate-israel/
5-Feb-12 Iran will support any nation or group that attacks the “cancerous tumor” of Israel Khamenei announced in a major speech at prayers
21-Mar-13 Israel’s leaders sometimes threaten Iran, but they know that if they do a damn thing, the Islamic Republic will raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground. Khamenei to crowds of people on the Iranian New Year (Nowruz) http://iran-un.org/en/2013/03/21/iran-will-raze-tel-aviv-to-ground-if-israel-attacks-us-ayatollah-khamenei/ (English)                                                  http://www.leader.ir/langs/fa/index.php?p=bayanat&id=10497 (Persian)
3-Oct-13 The Zionist regime is an illegitimate and bastard regime Khamenei criticized US close ties with Israel http://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/middle-east/2013/11/03/Khamenei-is-not-optimistic-but-support-Iran-nuclear-talks-.html
20-Nov-13 The Zionist regime is a regime whose pillars are extremely shaky and is doomed to collapse. Khamenei told an assembly of about 50,000 Basij militiamen http://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/middle-east/2013/11/20/Iran-s-Khamenei-says-Israel-doomed-to-collapse-.html
The title of human is not worthy of the leaders of the Zionist regime
Our reaction to any aggressor is… a slap in the face they will never forget
The enemies of Iran sometimes and particularly the rabid dog of the region — the Zionist regime — claim that Iran is a threat to the entire world. No! The threat … is the Zionist regime and some of its supporters. http://www.arabnews.com/news/480511
21-Nov-13 Published a photo that appeared to show Israeli soldiers with a German Shepherd attacking a Palestinian woman, with the statement “Israel is the sinister, unclean rabid dog of the region.” Khamenei on Twitter https://twitter.com/khamenei_ir/status/403397653901213697
21-Mar-14 Observe that no one in Europe dares to speak about the Holocaust even though it’s not clear what the reality is about it, whether it even has a reality, or how it happened… Expressing an opinion or doubts about the Holocaust is considered to be one of the greatest of sins [in Europe] where someone can get stopped, arrested, sued or imprisoned for this offense. In a speech honoring the Iranian New Year (Nowruz) http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702304640104579489391072215518
14-May-14 #Israel was initially established thru oppression, massacre & lie; an invader aided by UK expelled #Palestinians out of their homes Tweet on Nakba Day https://twitter.com/khamenei_ir/status/466638376725389312
14-May-14 Palestinians’ homes & land were given by force to ppl [sic] from Europe, US etc. & they fabricated a fake nation in #Palestine https://twitter.com/khamenei_ir/status/466641007514484736
14-May-14 During the over half a century since the existence of #fake Israeli state, suppression, lies & deception have been central to Israel’s survival https://twitter.com/khamenei_ir/status/466643422254993408
14-May-14 The most wicked #terrorists of the world is fake Israeli govt https://twitter.com/khamenei_ir/status/466649322151763969
1-Jul-14 This rabid dog, this rapacious wolf, has attacked innocent people and humanity must show a reaction. This is genocide, a catastrophe of historical scale. Khamenei during the Gaza Conflict in the summer of 2014 http://in.reuters.com/article/2014/07/29/uk-mideast-gaza-iran-khamenei-idINKBN0FY0CH20140729
1-Jul-14 …so that those merciless beasts could pound without qualm.
8-Nov-14 The barbaric, wolflike & infanticidal regime of #Israel which spares no crime has no cure but to be annihilated Tweet in response to the tensions on Temple Mount https://twitter.com/khamenei_ir/status/531057306142650369
9-Nov-14 Outlined a Nine Step Plan to annihilate Israel                                                                          Including: Khamenei on Twitter https://twitter.com/khamenei_ir/status/531366667377717248/photo/1
9-Nov-14 During its 66 years of life so far, the fake Zionist regime has tried to realize its goals by means of infanticide, homicide, violence & iron fist while boasts about it blatantly
9-Nov-14 The only means of bringing Israeli crimes to an end is the elimination of this regime
9-Nov-14 …Certainly we do not expect the usurper Zionists to easily surrender to this proposal [to eliminate Israel] and this is where the role of governments, nations and organization of resistance is shaped and defined
9-Nov-14 Up until the day when this homicidal and infanticidal regime is eliminated through a referendum, powerful confrontation and resolute and armed resistance is the cure of this ruinous regime. The only means… is a resolute and armed confrontation.
9-Nov-14 [What solutions are not acceptable?] …certainly not an arbitration by UN or other international organizations
20-Jan-15 “Unseen photos from #JihadMughniyeh’s meeting w Leader. In the war against #ISIS in Syria, he was martyred by #Israel.” (Tweet)

Iranian officials threatened harsh retaliation against Israel after Khamenei highlighted his personal connection with Jihad Mughniyeh.

Tweet in response to airstrikes on Syria in which an Iranian and Hezbollah leaders were killed. http://www.timesofisrael.com/iranians-vow-revenge-on-israel-as-ayatollah-plays-up-mughniyeh-ties/
12-Mar-15 When this Zionist clown spoke at Congress, members of the US government made remarks to deny any role in this event Tweet in response to Netanyahu’s speech to US Congress warning about the deal with Iran http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Politics-And-Diplomacy/Irans-Khamenei-slams-US-Republicans-and-Zionist-clown-Netanyahu-393700
17-Jul-15 US Govs are supporting terrorist, child-killer #Zionist regime. How can we negotiate and agree with such policies? Tweet https://twitter.com/khamenei_ir


18-Jul-15 They planted #Zionist regime in the region to sow discord among Muslims and engage them with internal conflicts. Tweet https://twitter.com/khamenei_ir


20-Jul-15 #Israel’s security will not be ensured whether there will be an #IranDeal or not. Tweet https://twitter.com/khamenei_ir


2-Aug-15 West Bank should be armed just like #Gaza. Friends of #Palestine should do their best to arm People in West Bank. 7/23/2014 #WasBurnedAlive Tweet https://twitter.com/khamenei_ir


5-Aug-15 “…planted this infected cancer gland within Islamic-Arabic territory. Today this gland has grown and become the cause of division among Muslim governments… Where their problems have come from? From this infected gland named “Israel” that was created by the superpowers.” In Khamenei’s new book, “Palestine” http://irantruth.org/exclusive-first-translation-of-khameinis-new-book-on-the-destruction-of-america-israel/
5-Aug-15 “…there are more than one billion Muslims around the world. This is a huge and marvelous power. If every one of us through [threw] a pebble toward Israel, this nation would be buried under a pile of pebbles.” In Khamenei’s new book, “Palestine”
5-Aug-15 Palestine is the most important Issue in the Islamic World. No other international issue is more important than Palestine in the World of Islam. The reason is that the occupation of Palestine and Quds, which are parts of the body of Islam, is the source of all the weaknesses and problems in the Islamic World. In Khamenei’s new book, “Palestine”
5-Aug-15 “Without Destroying Israel, Our Victory is Incomplete: …The only accepted treatment for the wound of Palestine is to cut and remove the cancer gland of the Zionist government, and this is possible” In Khamenei’s new book, “Palestine”
5-Aug-15 “Israel is a cancer gland.” What do people do with a cancer gland? Aside from cutting and removing it, what other treatments are available? …This is not a slogan; it is logic.” In Khamenei’s new book, “Palestine”
5-Aug-15 Our position against Israel is, as always: Israel is a malignant cancer gland that needs to be uprooted. In Khamenei’s new book, “Palestine”
5-Aug-15 he regards [the holocaust] either as “a propaganda ploy” or a disputed claim. “If there was such a thing,” he writes, “we don’t know why it happened and how.” In Khamenei’s new book, “Palestine” http://nypost.com/2015/08/01/iran-publishes-book-on-how-to-outwit-us-and-destroy-israel/
17-Aug-15 We spare no opportunity to support anyone #FightingTheZionists Tweet https://twitter.com/khamenei_ir


Prepared by the Jerusalem Center for Genocide Prevention
Researcher: Talya Markus, Supervised by Dr. Elihu D. Richter and Peter Honeyman



*Although various people in the Iran leadership use hate speech and incitement, these are quotes only by Khamenei.

*The quotes that have been included are quotes that the press picked up on and wrote about; therefore not all of Khamenei’s hate speech is included in the chart.

2012-2015: Khamenei’s Hate Speech/Threats and World Responses in Six-Month Intervals
6 Month Period Statement Intervention
Jan-June 2012 2 7
July-Dec 2012 0 2
Jan-June 2013 1 2
July-Dec 2013 3 0
Jan-June 2014 2 1
July-Dec 2014 3 0
Jan-June 2015 2 1
July-August 2015 6 0
Prepared by the Jerusalem Center for Genocide Prevention
Researcher: Talya Markus, Supervised by Dr. Elihu D. Richter and Peter Honeyman




* For the purpose of the graph, occasions when Khamenei said more than one statement on the same date in the same forum, were considered as one statement

* The graph’s data ranges from January 2012- August 2015

World Responses from 2011-2015
Date Event/Action Who Imposed Context Content/ What it did Source
2011 U.S. approved of Iran’s right to operate a nuclear program in secret negotiations in 2011 U.S. Khamenei revealed in a recent speech that talks began in secret with anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying former President Mahmoud Ahmadenejad in 2011 Kerry sent a letter stating that America officially recognizes Iran’s rights regarding the [nuclear fuel] enrichment cycle. Meetings were then held between deputy foreign ministers http://freebeacon.com/national-security/obama-signed-off-on-irans-right-to-nuclear-program-in-2011/                                          http://www.memri.org/report/en/0/0/0/0/0/0/8700.htm#_edn1
12-Jan-12 Japan decreased dependence on Iranian oil Japan US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner traveled to China and Japan in order to seek backing from these countries for stricter sanctions on Iran’s oil industry. These comments followed Geithner’s visit to Japan Japan finance minister Jun Azumi stated that Japan is taking steps in order to decrease its dependence on Iran’s oil http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-16523422
23-Jan-12 EU banned new contracts for importing Petroleum from Iran EU The Council of European Union decided to ban Iranian oil imports starting in July and to freeze the assets of Iran’s central bank http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2012-02-12/iran-won-t-yield-to-pressure-foreign-minister-says-nuclear-news-awaited
5-Feb-12 Extension of US sanctions on Iranian financial institutions US Previously, US banks only had to refuse transactions with a suspected link to Iran US extended sanctions to all Iranian financial institutions and require financial institutions in the US to block and freeze transactions with a suspected link to Iran http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/02/07/iran-sanctions-trade-idUSL4E8D71VP20120207
15-Mar-12 Extension of EU sanctions on the Central Bank of Iran EU After pressure from the US Brussels- based SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication ) cut off processing of many Iranian banks’ transactions http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article31795.htm
14-Apr-12 US, EU, Iran negotations Negotiations in Istanbul- no conclusions http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article31795.htm
23-May-12 US, EU, Iran negotations Negotiations in Baghdad- no conclusions http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article31795.htm
7-Jun-12 Resolution 2049 UN Adopted by the Security Council at its 6781st meeting Extended until 9 July 2013 the mandate of the Panel of Experts and requested reports from the Panel http://www.iranwatch.org/library/international-organization/united-nations-un/un-security-council/resolution-2049-2012
1-Jul-12 EU embargo of Iran’s oil EU Negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program took place in Moscow on June 18-19, 2012 between Iran and Britain, Germany, France, China, Russia and the US. The negotiations were inconclusive, and the EU decided to enforce its previously announced embargo on Iran’s oil. The EU began a boycott of Iranian oil http://www.dw.de/eu-begins-boycott-of-iranian-oil/a-16064179                                    http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article31795.htm
28-Jul-12 Indian ban of Iranian ships India India banned U.S.-sanctioned Iranian ships from entering its waters. http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/article3692907.ece
6-Feb-13 USA extended sanctions US The United States blacklisted Iran’s state broadcasting authority, Internet-policing agencies and a major electronics producer. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/07/world/middleeast/united-states-announces-new-iran-sanctions.html?_r=2&
5-Jun-13 Resolution 2105 UN Adopted by the Security Council at its 6973rd meeting Extended until 9 July 2014 the mandate of the Panel of Experts and requested reports from the Panel http://www.un.org/sc/committees/1737/resolutions.shtml
9-Jun-14 Resolution 2159 UN Adopted by the Security Council at its 7193rd meeting Extended until 9 July 2015 the mandate of the Panel of Experts and requested reports from the Panel http://www.un.org/sc/committees/1737/resolutions.shtml
29-Jan-15 US The US Senate Banking Committee voted on this, but the bill will not go for a vote in the full Senate until after March 24. However, President Obama threatened to veto this bill. The US Senate voted to advance a bill to toughen sanctions on Iran if international negotiators failed to reach an agreement by the end of June http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/01/29/us-iran-nuclear-congress-idUSKBN0L220N20150129
2-Apr-15 Lausanne Framework USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia and China, with Iran The P5+1 countries and Iran  reached an understanding on the key elements of a final deal, http://www.brookings.edu/blogs/markaz/posts/2015/04/07-einhorn-iran-p5-obama-lausanne-framework-promising-foundation
14- Jul- 15 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia and China, with Iran The agreement came after talks throughout June and July, and multiple deadline extensions Iran and six world powers concluded a nuclear deal with Iran https://medium.com/the-iran-deal/joint-comprehensive-plan-of-action-5cdd9b320fd
20-Jul-15 Resolution 2231 UN 7488th meeting Iran is to lessen the number of centrifuges and amount of enriched uranium, and in parallel the UN will lift its sanctions http://www.un.org/press/en/2015/sc11974.doc.htm
Prepared by the Jerusalem Center for Genocide Prevention
Researcher: Talya Markus, Supervised by Dr. Elihu D. Richter and Peter Honeyman
* Note: The three world responses in April and July 2015 are not accounted for in the graph, as they are easing of sanctions rather than imposing sanctions.
2012-2015: Khamenei’s Hate Speech/Threats and World Responses






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