“Stone throwing is not a nonviolent activity. Stone throwing is not peaceful protest. Stone throwing is an act of violence. Period.”

President Obama should be issuing such a statement.

The Quartet should too.

For that matter, Meretz, Hadash along with J-Street and all the other left wing Jewish groups should openly identify with this very simple truth.

Because, as bizarre as it may sound, in the eyes of ‘peace partner” Mahmoud Abbas and the other Palestinians, stone throwing is “nonviolent resistance” and “peaceful protest”.

And in the absence of a clear and unequivocal stand that stone throwing  constitutes an act of violence, Mr. Obama, the Quarter and all the others,  aid and abet this Palestinian charade that their leadership supports only “nonviolent resistance to the occupation”.

This is not a matter of debating points.

And this goes far beyond the compelling need for the president of the United  States of America to take a moral stand.

A clear and unequivocal rejection of stone throwing has the potential to  ultimately have a significant impact on this all too common act of violence.