Israel has determined that Hamas was facilitating attacks on Israel Army units along the border of the Gaza Strip. Military sources said Hamas was allowing snipers to reach the Gaza border with Israel. They said the snipers were ambushing Israel Army patrols, particularly from southern Gaza.

“Over the weekend, there have been multiple shooting attacks targeting security forces in the southern Gaza Strip,” the military said.

In a statement on Dec. 7, the military cited ambushes of army units. On Dec. 6, snipers shot and struck a military vehicle next to the Gaza border fence. Two days earlier, Gazan attackers opened fire at an army vehicle.

“In response to the shootings, an IAF [Israel Air Force] aircraft targeted a Hamas military post in the northern Gaza Strip,” the military said.

The sources said Hamas was fueling its attacks through smuggling weapons from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. They said Hamas was working with Islamic State of Iraq and Levant in the operation of tunnels from Sinai to Gaza.

On Dec. 8, at least 14 Palestinian laborers were trapped in the flooding of a Gaza tunnel in the divided city of Rafah. The flooding was part of the Egyptian Army program to destroy the smuggling tunnels.,35891-Hamas-Oversees-Border-Attacks.aspx