1. In April 2014 the Prime Minister commissioned an internal review of the Muslim Brotherhood, including its origins, ideology, record in and out of government; and its organisation and activities in the UK and abroad.

2. The review comprises a classified report to the Prime Minister. However, the Prime Minister made clear that the main findings of the review would be made public. These findings are set out below.

3. The Government is committed to developing a much better understanding of groups which have been or are alleged to have been associated with extremism and terrorism, and has made further resources available for that purpose. Research into the Muslim Brotherhood will continue. The subject matter is complex, with significant domestic and foreign policy implications.

4. The review was conducted by two of the UK’s most senior and expert civil servants: Sir John Jenkins, until recently HM Ambassador to Riyadh, assessed the Muslim Brotherhood and affiliates overseas; Charles Farr, at the time of writing Director General of the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism in the Home Office considered the history, activities, ideology and influence of the Muslim Brotherhood network and affiliates in the UK. The National Security Adviser subsequently led work across government to consider, where appropriate, the review’s policy implications.

5. In preparing their reports, the authors consulted widely. Sir John Jenkins visited twelve countries and met representatives of governments, political movements, religious leaders, academics and other independent commentators. Information was provided by many Foreign & Commonwealth Office posts and our security and intelligence agencies. Both authors consulted representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist movements in the UK and overseas and invited interested parties to make written contributions. They consulted a wide range of academic and online sources in English, Arabic and other languages.

6. The review was completed in July 2014 and that is the cut off date for the material. The principal focus for the review was the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab world, the UK and parts of western Europe. In preparing its policy response to the Review the Government has continued to assess developments in the MB in Egypt and elsewhere, including through the new Extremism Analysis Unit.