As the Western world reaches out to accept Syrian refugees, the Center for Near East Policy Research republished a study that was performed by Dr. Arnon Groiss of Syrian school textbooks that have been in use since 2001. Based upon the English translations of these textbooks, the Center for Near East Policy Research noted that “a child growing up and progressing through the Syrian educational system will be educated in a manner that teaches hate and intolerance rather than one that promotes peace.”

According to the study, Syrian school children are taught that the Holocaust is a positive event, that Jews are racist because they believe that they are the “chosen people,” and that Zionist is a racist movement based upon lies that is similar to Nazism and a partner in world imperialism. In Syrian schoolbooks, Palestine but not Israel exists on the map. Syrian children are taught that the Jews stole land from the Arabs and that they have established a cancerous, racist and illegitimate nation that threatens the whole Arab world. Children are furthermore taught that the concept of peace is treasonous.

David Bedein, the head of the Center for Near East Policy Research, stated in an exclusive interview with JerusalemOnline that whenever we witness someone who is 40-years-old that is screwed up and violent, we must examine what kind of education they had in reference to the ISIS supporters who are now infiltrating into Europe among the Syrian refugees: “The study on the Syrian education system that my colleague Dr. Groiss did shows that Syria prepares children for war against the Jews. They have been learning this their whole lives. Thus, Obama’s statement that children are harmless is ridiculous. That child is now 40 or 50 years old and those ideas stick. All of the educational system is pervasive throughout the society. Their entire lives were oriented towards indoctrinating for a war against the Jews. When you meet most Syrian refugees, you meet people that hate you. They really feel at war with us.”

While noting that there are some figures in the opposition who are now opposed to both the Baathists and the Islamists, with some groups like the Kurds, Yazidis and even some Arab opposition figures outspokenly declaring their support for peace with Israel, Bedein still notes that Syria is a totalitarian regime where “this generations learns from these textbooks. You have people who came off the boat from an anti-Semitic country where there is no such thing as not agreeing with the government as it is totalitarian. Freedom of speech does not exist. Most people that came out of Syria have not been detoxified. It is an illusion that we can have a peace process when their whole orientation is towards our destruction.”

Recently, the Times of Israel published that the Toronto Jewish Day School has decided to sponsor a Syrian refugee family. Bedein also noted that the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain welcomed Syrian refugees, that 1,000 rabbis signed unto a petition to support Syrian refugees and that so many Jews in the West are ready to take them into their homes: “It is hard for anyone in the West to conceptionalize that they are oriented on the idea of making war against the Jews. Never deny a person’s ethnic background and how that will affect their judgement. If you have someone coming out of a totalitarian regime, you have no reason to think they would think otherwise except in rare cases.”