Australia to review UNRWA contributions

J-Wire has received a response from the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to an inquiry  about UNRWA and Australia’s continuing aid to them in light of their (UNRWA) involvement in certain dubious activities.

A J-Wire exclusive

UNRWA is the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees.

J-Wire has learned that a major review is going to take place in June.

A meeting is being held at the Knesset this week to discuss this.

A case will be made to Canberra for conditioning further donations of Australian taxpayers’ money to UNRWA on that organisation ceasing to be involved in activities which promote hate, violence and delegitimisation against Israel within the Palestinian community.

J-Wire’s Michael Kuttner sent the following letter to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop in December:

Dear Ms. Bishop

Australia has for many years been  generously funding the activities of UNRWA. This United Nations refugee agency has despite being in existence for 68 years not resettled any Palestinian refugees. In fact it has helped to perpetuate the problem with the connivance of Arab host countries. Many of its schools and refugee camps have been taken over by groups designated as terrorists by most of the international community. School textbooks, activities and summer camps inculcate a curriculum of hate and incitement  against Israel and Jews.
The latest shocking example of how UNRWA employees are engaged in these activities has been presented by UN Watch. The link below speaks for itself.
In light of these latest revelations it would be interesting to know if the Australian Government now deems it necessary to undertake an urgent review of its continuing aid to this UN sponsored body.  Perhaps the time has arrived when continuing aid should be conditioned on a complete cessation of such activities against a UN member State.
Your comments would be greatly appreciated by our readers.
Yours sincerely
Michael Kuttner
Israel Correspondent
Australia and New Zealand Jewish Online News

We reproduce the letter responding to Michael Kuttner from the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Middle East Branch.