Let’s talk about two critical issues that Israel can ill afford to ignore:

1. The United States will have the ability to literally ground the entire
Israeli F-35 fleet.

All F-35 aircraft operating across the world will have to update their
mission data files and their Autonomic Logistic Information System (ALIS)
profiles before and after every sortie.

And they will do this by communicating with a computer located in the United

The Americans are certainly smart enough to figure out ways to manipulate
this arrangement in order to ground Israeli F-35’s if the U.S. considers
such action as serving vital American interests.

How serious is this problem?

It is so critical for Israel’s future that it is worth forgoing the billions
of US aid if that’s what’s required.

Why forego the aid?

Because buyers have clout that beggars don’t.

As major PAYING buyers of the F-35’s we can require that an interface
computer be located in Israel.

And as a major PAYING customer rather than beggar, we can also place orders
for the F-15’s that we so critically need.

The bizarre arrangement that the US can ground Israel’s F-35’s and the
American refusal to supply vital F-15’s are just the tip of the iceberg of
problems Israel has as beggar rather than paying customer.

2. Fear that the U.S. may decline to veto a United Nations Security Council
Resolution against Israel is driving the Jewish State to make ever greater
concessions of a permanent nature to the Palestinians in the hopes of
placating President Obama. But the odds are good that whoever takes Mr.
Obama’s place in the White House will be no less demanding for Israeli

I am not suggesting that we seek a UNSC resolution against us – just that we
prepare a plan for weathering such an occurrence.

After all, a policy of feeding the concession Moloch in perpetuity in order
to insure an American veto is simply unsustainable in the long run.