“On October 20, as Israelis were being stabbed and run over daily by Palestinians, the UNRWA Gaza City camp school “A” held a ceremony supporting the stabbings and car rammings… Here are some of the signs that the UNRWA students were proudly holding:

“We will live like flying hawks, and we will die like steadfast lions, and all of us for the Palestinian homeland”

“We heed your call, oh Al-Aqsa, our blood and souls we will sacrifice for you, oh Al-Aqsa”…

“If the Jews are the wind, the revolution is tornadoes”

“How can the light appear, if our blood would not be its fuel, and how could we regain Al-Aqsa if we would not be its soldiers”

This is not UNRWA teachers expressing their support for terror on Facebook, as bad as that is. This is UNRWA itself teaching its students to support stabbing Jews – and encouraging them to die in the process…

The pattern is clear. UNRWA employs antisemites and terror supporters. Its schools teach hate. It shows no interest in solving the problems, only in covering them up. The time has come to demand that UNRWA face consequences for supporting and encouraging its students to commit terror acts.”