The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) of which the U.S. is the largest donor with a 2013 contribution of $130 million, is radicalizing small schoolchildren into Islamic jihad terrorism.

A horrific example of this was recently posted on the social media site Facebook by teachers in a UNRWA school in Gaza City.

This is not UNRWA teachers expressing their support for terror on Facebook, as bad as that is. This is UNRWA itself teaching its students to support stabbing Jews – and encouraging them to die in the process.

This is beyond disgusting. It is proof positive that despite UNRWA’s denials, its schools are being used as a platform to teach hate and violence.

There is no oversight, there are no checks and balances, and the only reason we know about it is because all members of this particular school – principals, teachers and staff – were proud enough of teaching hate that they held a public ceremony celebrating and encouraging terror and putting it on Facebook. If this is what some UNRWA schools publish publicly, who knows what kinds of hate and antisemitism are being taught behind closed doors?

The signs of support for a vicious wave of stabbings and car rammings demonstrates how the U.S.-backed UNRWA is not focusing on its supposed goal of education but instead is concerned with radical politicization.

unrwa gaza10

The rough translation for these signs are below:

“How can the light appear, if our blood would not be its fuel, and how could we regain Al-Aqsa if we would not be its soldiers”

Using children to spread hate and terrorism is bad enough but to use the U.S. contribution to UNRWA to do it is beyond the pale.

UNRWA Spreads Jihad to Schoolkids in Palestine With U.S. Tax Dollars