The term BDS refers to Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions conducted against the state of Israel, and also a way to attack the Jewish people both in Israel and worldwide. Partially funded by the PLO, the BDS movement grew out of the Arab League boycott of Israel begun in 1950 after Israel’s War of Independence. The Muslim and Arab world and its Arab League, despite tentative agreements with Egypt and Jordan, began the boycott in 1950 and have never signed a peace treaty with Israel even after the cessation of hostilities in 1948. Five Arab armies back then sought to wipe the new Jewish state off the map but failed. The purpose of the Boycott was to starve the Jews out of their new homeland.  The Boycott movement was given new life and recreated as Arab irredentists expanded the movement later in the academic arena, notably in American colleges and later in churches and through labor movements. The International Solidarity Movement was set up by Yasser Arafat in 2001 with the help of two “camp counselors,” Huwaida Arraf and Adam Shapiro, who were employees of Seeds for Peace, a camp set up and funded by the U.S. State Department, to  operate in the U.S. and Europe to promote  BDS and other anti-Israel activities on campuses and elsewhere (see StopthISM.com). The BDS movement is a support mechanism for Palestinian terrorist groups in their efforts to de-legitimize and ultimately destroy Israel. Its leadership calls terrorism that kills Israelis “legitimate resistance.”

(left to right) Adam Shapiro, Huwaida Arraf


The Vietnam War produced in American colleges a revolutionary mindset among campus radicals to bring down the capitalist U.S. government as Marxist-inspired self-defined “revolutionaries” sought to promote communism and the downfall of America and American interests both at home and abroad. Israel during the Cold War was considered a staunch U.S. ally that one day might be called upon to protect U.S. interests in the Middle East in the event of war with the Soviet Union. Ho Chi Minh dispatched North Vietnamese intelligence officers to U.S.  campuses to stir up opposition to the War which resulted in campus riots and demonstrations. The PLO leadership, at one time a proxy of the KGB against U.S. interests, learned from North Vietnamese advisors how to expand their support base by linking PLO goals to other popular political movements to swell their numbers and support. The Vietnamese advised the PLO that in lieu of being too vociferous in announcing themselves as a revolutionary movement,  it would be more successful trying to pass itself off as a human rights movement to try and gain universal appeal. Terrorism was thus justified as a human rights necessity to fight against a Jewish state and the Boycott was just another weapon to provide support for terrorism while claiming to be “nonviolent.”  BDS leadership never condemns terrorism using the euphemism “legitimate resistance.” However, the Boycott, despite claims of being “nonviolent” (as if starving Jewish families to support terrorists’ goals could be disguised as such), through its leaders like Paul Larudee openly recognize a right to use violence against Israelis to achieve the Palestinians’ revolutionary goals. This deception, and the insistence that the movement is “Palestinian-led,” v voiced in the recordings are the two main mission obligations always mentioned.

Arab-American college radicals such as Jess Ghannam (a professor of psychiatry today at UC San Francisco), Zahi Damuni ( a biochemist, formerly of St. James University in Canada), and Mazen Qumsiyeh (a geneticist from Yale, fired for anti-Semitic emails), some of whom were born in the West Bank, went on to graduate university and with their professional incomes started the group Al Awda (Arabic for “the Return”), an organization set up to promote PLO and later Hamas goals against Israel’s existence. During this time, Al Qaeda was also founded by a Palestinian named Abdullah Azzam, the mentor for Osama Bin Laden. This was the Muslim jihadist link behind the BDS Movement to this day. Today, the leadership of Al Awda helps promote BDS along with myriad other groups and clubs that have sprung up to promote starving out the Jews in the Middle East and, by extension, linking to the worldwide jihad. Al Awda is still very active in the USA and in promoting BDS. BDS was launched in Israel in 2005 by Palestinian Jamal Juma and later Omar Barghouti, an Arab student from Kuwait attending Tel Aviv University helped to specifically launch the academic boycott in Israel and worldwide with the help of Jess Ghannam, Manzar Foroohar (an Iranian Muslim) and some other Arab professors in the USA in 2007 that comprised a steering committee.

(Left to right) Paul Larudee, Jess Ghannam,  Zahi Damuni,  Mazen Qumsiyeh,. Abdullah Azzam

(Left to right) Jamal Juma, Omar Barghouti                         Manzar Foroohar (right)

In 2001, right after the attacks on 9/11, the Students for Justice in Palestine was created by Hatem Bazian and Snehal Shingavi, two Muslim lecturers at U.C. Berkeley who openly support Hamas and the so-called “Palestinian revolution.” The BDS Movement became a consortium of these groups promoting BDS.

(Left to right) Hatem Bazian,  Snehal Shingavi

Bazian, an activist with American Muslims for Palestine, a Hamas affiliated group, began the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) while calling for an “Intifada in America.” In a classic Rico-style conspiracy, American and Canadian college campuses were used to create satellite operations largely funded by the American and Canadian taxpayers funding campus clubs that promote BDS.  This was in part the Palestine Solidarity Movement network that was part of the International Solidarity Movement network worldwide. Both movements are part of that same network.  Conferences that promote BDS in the past have been funded through the now-defunct Islamic Association for Palestine as a primer to use taxpayer money from college clubs to promote BDS and the goals of Hamas. At a UN Conference on Racism held 2001 in Durban, South Africa, BDS was further promoted worldwide as a method to bring down the Jewish state. The U.S. government was forced to withdraw from that conference because of the blatant misrepresentation and promotion of BDS and anti-Semitism.  Nevertheless, the dye was set and BDS became a national and even international movement.

The BDS Movement was not limited to just Arab-American or even American student radicals on the campuses.. As an outgrowth of the war in Vietnam, many radical revolutionary activist retreads from that era also organized to promote BDS off campus as well. This was done by approaching labor unions, libraries, environmental groups, any place there were groups of people among whom BDS could be promoted. . California is a hotbed for BDS with its large college network but the BDS movement has found non-campus locations and groups throughout the entire U.S., from Washington State to Florida, from New York to New Mexico, where tactics, information and direct actions are organized. Affiliated chapters abound of Al Awda, such as Students for Justice in Palestine, SUSTAIN (Stop US Taxpayer Aid to Israel Now) and many other names.  The Marxist group ANSWER, started days after 9/11 to promote anti-U.S. bigotry, also became a large backer of BDS through cooperation in bringing large numbers of activists to demonstrations and sharing resources. The U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation was later created as a lobbying group in Washington, D.C. that consolidates over 100 chapters of the BDS movement according to their website.

BDS Groups such as Norcal ISM (the Northern California chapter of the International Solidarity Movement, a Marxist inspired group), 14 Friends for Palestine in Marin, Santa Cruz’s Resource Center for Nonviolence (some call it the Resource Center for No More Israel), South Bay Mobilization in the San Jose area and others emerged as off campus organizations promoting BDS “by any means necessary”. Many of these groups are made up of older people still pursuing their revolutionary dreams from the 60’s with an assault on Israel as a U.S. ally being at the top of their Marxist or anarchist agendas.


A major part of the problem as surrounds these groups is that they are almost always given 501 c3 nontaxable status despite their goal being to destroy a U.S. ally and attack Jews worldwide. An interview with an IRS officer this reporter had reveals they are able to get this status by lying on their applications saying they are educational groups promoting human rights. They are, in fact, support groups for terrorists such as in Hamas and the PLO. What is even more alarming is they usually get this designated tax status in as little as thirty days while legitimate groups promoting human rights for real may have to wait for up to a year for the same status. These groups send money overseas that goes to aid the likes of Hamas and in the long run comes back to bite the United States and its ally, Israel.

Norcal ISM is one of the most active of these BDS promoting groups and is headed by a man named Paul Larudee. Larudee operates his Norcal ISM out of his home in El Cerrito, California where he has set up nine non-profits to promote BDS and anti-Israel goals, including one called the Free Palestine Movement. Larudee generally holds meetings at Grassroots House, a building in downtown Berkeley that is shared by myriad radical groups for organizing and planning anti-U.S. and anti-Israel activities like BDS.

Larudee once wrote an article about his joy at sleeping in the bed of a suicide bomber during one of his subversive trips to the West Bank to show support for Hamas. Stop the ISM actually got Larudee deported from Israel in 2006 after uncovering he entered the country under the false identity of Paul Wilder with a U.S. passport obtained for fraudulent purposes. Radical elements in Israel tried taking his deportation order to Israel’s Supreme Court, but articles such as this one persuaded the court to deport him immediately. Larudee, never losing a moment, next went to Lebanon as a volunteer and human shield for the terrorist group Hezbollah. He returned to later participate in the Gaza Flotilla boat that sailed to support Hamas. Larudee is one of the BDS movements main leaders in the U.S. and yet the government, even the FBI, look the other way at his antics.

Larudee recently started yet another 501 c3 entity called the Syria Solidarity Project. Below is an email he recently sent out soliciting tax free donations for his group. The Syria Solidarity Project is also billed by him as a human rights organization, but its real purpose is to support the regime of Bashir Assad, one of the worst human rights abusers in the world today, a Syrian leader who has used poison gas even against his own people. Larudee’s “human rights” non-profit in fact provides support, propaganda and probably even money to the Assad regime to continue abusing human rights and murdering people, all thanks to Norcal ISM and Larudee (see intercepted email then donations page below in emails intercepted by Stop the ISM): Security analysts have stated they think Larudee’s creation of yet another 501 c3 is to find yet another nontaxable means to raise  money for BDS.

From: Paul Larudee

FW: [syriasolidarity] Syria needs your help. We need your

help. Next week we will be in Syria.

Subject: Fw: [syriasolidarity] Syria needs your help. We need your help. Next week we will be in Syria.

On Friday, November 27, 2015 4:08 AM, Syria Solidarity Movement

<solidarity@syriasolidaritymovement.org> wrote:

Dear Friends of a Sovereign, Independent and Unified Syria,

At the invitation of the Syrian Ministry of Reconciliation, a delegation of 6-8 members of the

Syria Solidarity Movement will arrive in Syria on Dec. 4, 2015. Its mission is to pursue all

means of supporting the internal efforts of Syrians to overcome divisions and to end foreign


The delegates include analysts, researchers, commentators and organizers like Ajamu Baraka

(US, living in Colombia) and Glen Ford (US) of the Black Agenda Report, Eva Bartlett (Canada)

and Paul Larudee (US) of the Free Palestine Movement and human rights advocates Vanessa

Beeley (UK) and Jacob Cohen (France). Palestinian organizer and civil rights campaigner Amal

Wahdan will also join us from Ramallah, and hopefully community organizer Dr. Issa Chaer

from the UK, as well. Many of us are on SSM governing committees.

We will meet with former armed opposition members that have accepted government amnesty,

with representatives of civil society groups, religious leaders and community representatives. We

will try to arrange for some of them to come to Europe and North America on speaking tours and

to meet with their counterparts, as well as government officials. We hope to challenge

established thinking on the issues that are driving the conflict.

But we are in desperate need of your help in order to make this happen.

We do not need a lot of financial support to accomplish what we have in mind, but we need

some. In fact, we need only $3000 to make this mission possible without cutting corners and

causing hardship to the participants. But until now we have managed to raise less than $850.

PLEASE, PLEASE help. We do so much on a volunteer basis, and we’re willing to sacrifice.

But we have been unable to pay even the meager stipend of $250/month that supports our

hardworking webmaster, Eva, who has nonetheless accepted to continue on a volunteer basis.

SNAG, our weekly news magazine has almost entirely been the volunteer work of the tireless

Rick Sterling.

Please help us bring a different voice to the issues affecting Syria, one that is not well heard or

understood. Shouldn’t we hear all the points of view? What is the point of having an open mind if

some viewpoints are inaccessible?

SUPPORT OUR WORK with your donations, at

. Please be generous. Thank you.

The Syria Solidarity Movement

PLEASE NOTE: A group in the UK is illegally using our name and also recommending

illegal actions against Syria. We are pursuing legal remedy to compel them to stop using

our name, but the process is slow. Please be aware of this problem. Your donations to help

with our effort are gratefully appreciated.

The donations page ad:


Despite the issue of human rights in Syria that Larudee’s page above claims it is promoting and why he is soliciting funds for political advocacy,  here is what his mission statement page says about human rights in Syria: “Some argue that we should include other principles, such as advocacy of a secular society and a government based on nondiscrimination and human rights.  Although we understand and respect such arguments, we believe that it is not our place to make such declarations, but rather to support Syrian declarations of their principles.”

In other words, Larudee’s Syria Solidarity Project talks about human rights,  but supports the human rights abuser Bashir Assad’s interpretations of them. Nice. One wonders who at the IRS decided he deserves nonprofit status for his fund raising? This is all straight from the horse’s mouth.

Or is it the horse’s other end?

It is this constant deception using the U.S. tax codes and taxpayer money such as for university campus clubs that endlessly fuels the BDS movement in the United States and abroad and makes peace impossible in the Middle East. (For more on this, click here.) The Syria issue is one example how BDS links to the worldwide jihad and terrorism.

Stop the ISM, by going undercover, has exposed the likes of Larudee on more than one occasion. Now comes our most important infiltration yet: A volunteer from Stop the ISM managed during the last year to join Larudee’s group and even succeeded in attending meetings of the Board of Directors led by Larudee on a regular basis. While attending, our volunteer managed to record with  both video and sound the activities and planning sessions of Norcal ISM and the BDS movement which accompany this article below. To expose the true face of the BDS movement to the taxpaying public, Stop the ISM has infiltrated volunteers with similar skills at other BDS organizing centers throughout the United States who are doing the same thing. In the future, other groups will be exposed by our undercover operations.

As mentioned, Stop the ISM has exposed Norcal ISM and the BDS movement in the past by infiltrating the group as far back as 2004. Our activities resulted in the past that Paul Larudee, the Northern California BDS leader, was captured on a mission to Israel under a false identity while there to aid Hamas.

Paul Larudee (left) with leader of Hamas in Gaza, Ismael Haniyah.

Larudee spent time in jail and was then deported. Larudee then joined Hezbollah in Lebanon to support the terror groups’ efforts in a summer war with Israel. Larudee returned home to continue promoting the Boycott and other pro-Hamas activities. Back in 2004, a team of ten volunteers from Norcal ISM was trained to go to Israel and make trouble there, with Larudee being overseer of their training here in the San Francisco Bay Area. These were all activists promoting BDS as we know it today. All ten were captured and deported by Israel on arrival after this writer who went undercover at their training event disguised as a Pakistani activist provided Israeli security forces with tapes. It should be noted we operate independently and have no official relationship with Israeli intelligence or the government.

This newest undercover infiltration of the ISM and BDS leadership is even better than any previous ones. This time there were obtained many hours of live steaming video with sound right from the belly of the beast as our new undercover volunteer attended and filmed many of  the Board of Directors’ meetings and planning sessions of Norcal ISM. These recordings and tapes that follow below have provided invaluable information about Norcal ISM and the BDS movement never before obtained, identifying the highest level leadership of the group, their plans and activities and shows the hypocrisy of the BDS movement. Those very same board members made admissions that were never intended to be heard by the public, nor government officials who grant them nontaxable status. As mentioned, this undercover practice is ongoing now on a national scale and opens the door to the leadership of the entire BDS movement and their activities. Few people realize just how much BDS is being funded by taking advantage of U.S. tax laws like these recordings show.

Specific examples of videos obtained from a Board of Directors’ coordination meeting featuring Larudee and company are found below.  In the first one, a board meeting is held with a phone conference with Jeff Pekrul, one of Norcal ISM’s more active members and now a “trainer”.

Jeff Pekrul, BDS and ISM leader and trainer

Twelve years ago Lee Kaplan of Stop the ISM infiltrated a training session of LaRudee’s group and reported on their activities.  Of interest is that during the recent Board of Directors discussion in the video below, even twelve years since the last expose’ of an internal training session exposing the BDS movement Kaplan, they are still afraid of being again exposed by  Stop the ISM for their activities or even identified to the public-at-large. The recordings and videos that follow prove invaluable in identifying who the BDS leaders are on the West Coast, their proposed activities and even how they handle money in a taxpayer-supported organization.

Below is a snippet of one of their internal meetings in which Jeff Pekrul addresses the Board about a training group he just taught. Besides discussing Lee Kaplan’s infiltration, he discusses affinity groups and his last recruitment of BDS anti-Israel activists. Affinity groups and what they mean in BDS and support for groups like Hamas gets discussed. Affinity groups are part of keeping the anarchist movement alive today and driving in part organizational BDS. What is amusing is affinity groups are designed to serve to promote secrecy which this article and videos have shown the BDS movement is failing at, especially since their Board of Directors has been spilling the beans to Stop the ISM for a long time. Now the world gets to see them behind closed doors.

In the first video Paul Larudee holds a conference call for the Board of Directors with Jeff Pekrul who has been a member of Norcal ISM and the BDS Movement for at least twelve years. The first thing Pekrul does in recounting his teaching his first training session is mention “the Kaplan thing,” and how he failed to discuss it with his new group.

Imagine the reaction of the Board of Directors of Norcal ISM when they read this! Twelve years ago Norcal ISM had ten trainees, today they only have three. Nevertheless, three is too many!

The discussion then goes to Eva Bartlett, a Canadian woman based in Gaza who was deported by Israel in 2007 from the West Bank in the past for suspicion of lending assistance to terrorist groups. Like Larudee, she is promoting the Assad regime in Syria but also does webmaster work for the BDS Movement and Larudee’s group. Norcal ISM sends Eva money through surreptitious means to avoid U.S. government scrutiny. Undercover recordings reveal that Larudee’s group sends money to her in Gaza and to an Arab named Ameet in the West Bank by hiding the money from government observers under the false business name of Arlington Market. Larudee and company were caught trying to send money to Lebanon earlier last year when they tried sending money sarcastically addressed to Hafez Assad, the former dictator of Syria. In that case their U.S. bank refused to forward the funds for fear they were being used to support terrorism. Larudee and company have since sent funds to Gaza and the West Bank using  Moneygrams via South America under the nose of the Feds. Watch this first snippet to see what is going on:

Eva Bartlett

If anyone wonders if these internal recordings are beneficial, the snippet of another coordination meeting of the Board of Directors is below. Larudee explains at this meeting that there are in fact not three but eight or nine organizations that are part of the BDS movement that operate as 501 c3’s under the umbrella of one. This allows for maximum fundraising going into Larudee’s pocket. Anyone viewing the tape of that meeting would learn that Norcal ISM’s BDS scams are run under another corporation’s 501c3 status, the Association for Investments in Popular Action Committees (AIPAC) that in fact runs as tax free nonprofits in California,  to the tune of 8 or nine such political entities and draw donations to Larudee’s home address, all of which support BDS. Why so many? The reason is to make BDS look like a larger movement and to solicit more donations by posing as multiple groups. Larudee and company chortle about their parent non-profit’s acronym as being AIPAC, the same as the Israel lobby in Washington, D.C. As you watch the tape, an acolyte of Larudee’s asks him if these entities all comprise BDS. Despite publicly Larudee and other BDS leaders all claiming they are not anti-Semitic, nor that they want Israel destroyed and that they only work for “human rights”. But in the recording reveals they “ don’t really care about the BDS movement” and mentions their true agenda.  Larudee blurts out “We don’t care how we get rid of of the Israeli state.” You would never hear this in public as it was said undercover.

Other recordings of the Board of Directors meetings have brought out proof of money laundering that Stop the ISM has provided to the FBI. Larudee, as he pours over Norcal ISM’s budget at one point in the tape tells us that an expense listed as Arlington Market is in fact a pseudonym for money his group sends over to Gaza and the West Bank, not for food or marketing reasons. Larudee on other videos we have turned over to law enforcement discusses how he sends money to the Middle East regularly from his organizations, funds that may go to terrorist groups. Larudee was so cocky about this that when he sent over $3,750 to a Hamas charity front in Beirut, he sarcastically marked the recipient as Hafez Assad, the long dead leader and father of the current dictator-murderer in Syria. A sharp-eyed bank employee at Mellon bank that was handling the money transfer for Larudee’s Bank of the West account froze those funds because they looked suspicious. The bank refused to return the money, but Larudee through an email blast put up such a stink that Bank of the West (where the funds were first sent from) returned the funds to him to avoid the hassle.

Larudee goes on to discuss trying to get American celebrities to ally with his movement, notably on the Gaza flotilla ships. The only one he says he could get is congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. McKinney attended the last flotilla and was infuriated that she had to spend time in an Israeli cell in Ashdod with the other attackers when the ship was interdicted. McKinney is a known anti-Semite, who blamed the Jews for her losing one of her election campaigns and even associates with Holocaust deniers and praises Hezbollah and Hamas. Listen in the video as Larudee discusses her aiding their goals. Larudee was in Lebanon in 2006 assisting Hezbollah during 2006 summer war immediately after Stop the ISM got him deported from Israel.



The snippet below is an internal Board of Directors meeting in which FPM recounts their funding and what they have available. Apparently, they have no problem raising money and have several individual “large donors” who fund them:


In the snippet below, Paul Larudee discusses the BDS action against the Zim shipping corporation, an Israeli business that sought to block its ships from unloading cargo at any of the ports on the West Coast. Larudee boasts that his group cost Zim “millions” of dollars and had a “victory,” however, Zim executives at an interview with this reporter said the financial damage was minimal. What bears study is that FPM managed to get people in the dockworker’s union to join in and refuse to unload the ships. The BDS movement managed to have a few activists seize control of the Presbyterian Synod to promote boycott and the same tactic was used with the union. Of similar importance is that Larudee mentions AROC, the Arab Resource Organizing Cener is San Francisco as really being the driving force behind the Zim confrontation with FPM playing a supporting role. The value of the undercover is immeasurable as we hear Larudee discuss future plans for attacking the Zim corporation.If one visits the AROC website it is festooned with articles praising and in support of convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmeah Odeh. Odeh murdered two college students in a bomb attack she arranged in a super market. Although sentenced to a long term, she was paroled by Israel and entered the U.S. not identifying that she was a convicted murderer. ICE is now trying to deport her and the Palestinian cause and BDS groups are rallying behind her as a heroine. The video below shows in vivid detail the planning Norcal ISM is planning to promote BDS against Zim. In it Larudee mentions they attended an action at the World Social Forum in Tunis in 2015 that endorsed BDS and made solidarity with Palestinian goals to bring down Israel. While there, Larudee’s people were able to try and promote BDS worldwide. Although in the tape Larudee bemoans AROC having the lead in promoting BDS against Zim, the Board of Directors and Larudee discuss taking the lead in coming actions against Zim. This is invaluable in anticipating BDS and what they are planning.

Listen as Larudee describes their actions:


In the video that follows Larudee discusses how Norcal ISM will make money selling olive oil and gift boxes to raise money for BDS. Listen, as he talks about putting “Jews on a guilt trip.” Larudee and company bottle olive oil at the Grassroots House in violation of health laws on preparation of food.  All funds obtained from sale of merchandise gets sent to Larudee’s home address for each box about $100. Larudee cynically says the project will sell the idea that “Palestinians are suffering” then breaks out laughing.



In this video, Larudee and his acolytes introduce themselves at a board meeting. Of those in attendance, those who stick out are F. W. Sparrow, Jamie (pronounce High-Me) Cader and Paula Rainey.

Sparrow (with the cowboy hat) is so old he looks like the Crypt Keeper (Larudee has described him in private to our undercover volunteer in the past as such. He introduces himself as a member of the Wobblies (“Workers of the world unite!”). A communist labor movement known for its activities mainly in the 1930’s, it is mainly history now. A former lawyer, Sparrow feels that boycotting Israel goes with opposing capitalism and America, a throwback to communism in the U.S. labor market one can read about in history books. In future videos we will see him tell a potential new member that “BDS doesn’t really work, but we do it any way.” He lives in a retirement community in Strawberry Canyon in Oakland where Larudee and others speak to the denizens frequently about boycotting the Jewish state. Paula Rainey is of small consequence, except that these videos show her telling her peers that she will soon journey to the West Bank for the ISM. After we sent these videos to the Israelis, she was stopped at the Allenby Bridge  border between the West Bank and Jordan and denied entry.  She’s written long emails about how she had to spend her time in the Middle East cooling her heels in the Hashemite Kingdom rather than in the West Bank where she could make trouble for Israel. Little did she know this undercover video sealed her fate.  Jaime Cader (seated to Larudee’s right) mentions he worked with LEAP, one of the myriad Palestinian charities in Lebanon in the so-called “refugee” camps. In an article Jaime wrote home on the Nor-Cal ISM website, he tells us of a lecture he attended by an elderly Palestinian man who Jaime blames the Jews for forcing from his home in 1948 yet the old man tells Jaime he left in 1948 thinking he would be able to come back after the Arabs were victorious against the Jews. Jaime recounts made up history in one article that the British armed and trained the Haganah, the Jewish precursor to the IDF (in fact, the British armed the Arabs and even fought to a small degree against the Jews and Haganah. Jaime lives with his mother who is also at the meeting and he has an obsession about Jews he has voiced to our undercover volunteer over and over on videos. Jaime has visited the West Bank and written back to his colleagues in the group before. Lenore Sheridan is another board member who discusses her trips to “Palestine” and frequently organizes ISM activities. “Nadia” speaks of her family coming from Gaza and Katya (wearing the hijab) is from the Middle East and engages in demos for BDS and the ISM including de-shelving of Israeli products in stores..  “Bruce” explains he is an off and on ISM member who was in the West Bank in 2003 but hasn’t been active for a while due to an injury that he explains “was not because of the Zionists” (he means Jews). Videos like that below give a face to BDS leadership and activists in Northern California who promote BDS. Jeff Pekrul joined the meeting later, not seen on this copy of the video.


Larudee actually complains about BDS to the Board of Directors  in this video because some activists in BDS don’t necessarily want Israel wiped from the map. He laments that some BDS groups are only concerned about the West Bank as opposed to destroying all of Israel. Our undercover reporter tells us that Larudee on another occasion has suggested that Norcal ISM “do something illegal” without citing specifics. Larudee tells the Board that every and any effort to boycott, divest or sanction Israel should be supported. “We don’t care how we get rid of the Israeli state,” he says, “but, however we can, well….” Sparrow chimes in as the conversation goes to the Jewish Community Relations Council and how effective it is. They lament the JCRC getting the Oakland Museum to get rid of an exhibit that featured children’s cartoons of suicide bombings and terrorist attacks. “They were very effective,” he laments at getting government to remove murals that encouraged terrorism against Israel and Jews. Here we have a video that shows the true face behind BDS in Northern California and who its leaders are.


Larudee discusses in this video how there are 173  organizations that make up the BDS movement, many of which don’t know what the issues are but still work together to bring down Israel. “Not all are Palestinian ‘” Larudee states, and he tries to explain away antisemitism in the movement during his conversation. He does mention there are atheists in the movement too, but really doesn’t say why people in the BDS movement work to end Israel’s existence. He even mentions the Arab front group Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) that was set up by Marxist “Jews” who support the old Stalinist mantra against a Jewish state. Larudee says JVP won’t condemn Zionism, the notion that Jews have a right to a national home of their own to be free of persecution. This video shows how the use of deception is key in the BDS movement  JVP does not condemn terrorism that murders Jews and they especially do not condemn Hamas whose charter call for complete annihilation of world Jewry as an end goal even after the annihilation of the Jewish state. Larudee in true radical style deceives his board members by ignoring what JVP really does which is support Arab-Muslim irredentist goals. The JVP website accuses Israel of creating ten million Palestinian goals in 1948 by winning a war they did not start—a blatant lie, then the website calls for a memorialization of the Nakba (catastrophe in Arabic) when Israel was created. JVP says they are only interested in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, but then says any Arab who wants to claim his ancestors lived in the rest of Israel in 1948 has the right to go back and claim the same spot. This is the mantra of the terrorist groups that JVP repeats and supports. JVP was set up to gain access to Jewish organizations like campus Hillels so this same deception could be continued  in front of impressionable Jewish students lacking knowledge of history. Arab refugees in 1948 according to the UN put the number at 250,000 and there are not even ten million Arabs in the entire world today who call themselves Palestinians.

Larudee mentions that some BDS groups reject antisemitism, a practice that Larudee considers “horrible”. Larudee’s group recently put up a stink with the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation’s (USCEIO) removal of a BDS group, If Americans Knew, and its leader, Alison Weir. Weir has appeared many times in support of David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan and has endorsed Holocaust denial. USCEIO lobbies Congress and relies on the same deception as Paul Larudee does. For example, they readily endorse Hamas by not condemning antisemitism. But if they appear openly anti-Semitic like Weir, they find it hard to garner support in Congress. In fact, USCEIO leaders are of Jewish family lineage but have admitted they weren’t raised Jewish and know nothing of the religion yet support the Intifada (and terrorism) against the Jews. Their anti-Semitism is expressed by tacit support for the goals of terrorist groups.

A lot of the explanations of the groups that make up BDS above are not necessarily visible in the video below. But it does show how the deception of the BDS movement is taught and bandied about continually at board meetings. This is the true face of the BDS movement.  They also explain how BDS tries to pass itself off as myriad groups but in some cases as with Larudee’s FPM and No Tax Dollars for Israel, they are made up of the same people and not really different groups at all.

There are many more undercover recordings and videos Stop the ISM will make available in the near future. Our undercover people will continue to bring out the truth about BDS to the world from now on.


  1. I have a good solution for the callow youth pretending to be defending poor, downtrodden Islamists in Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS – send them over there on a one-way ticket – sort of a permanent “Birthright” program for morons, fools and those who support and defend terrorists.

  2. Great work but would be far better if you had not published your findings as it will make the haters double down on their security in order to prevent future infiltration . Here in the UK , grass roots Zionist organisations are closely involved in counter BDS operations and while some actions fly above the radar , there are those which by necessity go unsung. The reward comes in the knowledge that many BDS initiatives fail without their having the slightest inkling of the cause of the failure . This leaves BDS largely confined to the fringes , chiefly university student politics without any hope of university support . That and the occasional disruption of Israel concerts and the like . There is next to no chance of mainstream political support for BDS . As Finklestein said in his seminal interview with the hapless Frank Barat ‘ BDS is in effect a disingenuous cult ‘ .
    But to sum up the best words are those unsaid
    Thanks again for the article which I will share .


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