September 19, 2016

Dear Senator Risch,

As your proud constituent from the state of Idaho, I want to express my great appreciation that you took time in your schedule to meet with me and David Bedein on September 13 regarding your concern over possible involvement of UNRWA with terror activity.

The fact that UNRWA receives $400 million dollars in direct allocations from the U.S. government to UNRWA makes this into an American issue.

In that context, I bless your request of the G.A.O. to conduct a full inquiry into the lethal allegations of an UNRWA-terror connection.

Please note that I flew to Israel to attend a Knesset Parliamentary briefing concerning UNRWA incitement on July 19, which I report on in the latest issue (Aug/Sept) of our newspaper ‘InterMountain Christian News,’ at

Since you have shared the response on July 21 from G.A.O. that GAO is now investigating these accusations of misconduct of UNRWA, please advise as to your “time line” for follow up with the G.A.O. in this crucial matter.

Thank you.
Respectfully yours,

Rev. M. Anthony Harper,
Ph.D., publisher/editor