With every passing day Hamas and Hezbollah build up and improve their
capacity to attack the Jewish State.

We’ve become so jaded that we don’t even talk about the ongoing series of
“balance breaking” weapons systems they have deployed in the Gaza Strip and
South Lebanon.

Years ago when we used the term “balance breaking” the implication was that
we were actually going to do something about it.

But under “quiet for quiet” there basically isn’t anything that Hamas and
Hezbollah can’t deploy once they have it within the “quiet for quiet”

Consider Syria and Lebanon. We engage in a cat and mouse game in Syria
trying to stop Lebanon bound weapons while they are still in Syria. But
once equipment crosses into Lebanon it is safe from Israeli action.

Is it proper to claim that Hamas and Hezbollah are deterred?

They aren’t deterred from openly deploying “balance breaking” weapons

They aren’t deterred from openly engaging in weapons production.

They aren’t deterred from openly carrying out large scale training
operations in preparation to attack us.

The self serving “they are deterred” mantra distorts our perception of
reality and in turn impairs our ability to properly address the challenges
we face.

Maybe the policy makers actually have some fantastically logical reason for
adopting “quiet for quiet”.

Unfortunately, my gut tells me that there’s a significant possibility that
at some point down the line a state commission of inquiry will be demanding
an explanation as to how we chose what turned out to be a painfully reckless