With a New Year welcomed by Jews worldwide and Yom Kippur imminent, those who thought that a new era of tolerance and peace was about to dawn must surely be disappointed.

Hardly had some of us recovered from a three-day prayer marathon than reality struck again. Unfortunately it seems that the forces of hate, lies and terror will continue to menace us during the forthcoming year. In order to combat and defeat this spreading plague we must face facts and resist the temptation to sweep its manifestations under the carpet.

Within the space of a week we have witnessed the most outrageous physical and verbal assaults which need to be dealt with. In addition the double standards of the international community continue unabated.

In no particular order of hypocrisy here are some examples of what the New Year has so far offered us and what we can expect for the rest of the year.

The devastation caused by hurricanes in the Caribbean and the USA will take a long time to repair. As usual Israel was among one of the first countries to send practical aid to these places as well as earthquake devastated Mexico. Has anyone wondered, as I have, what the USA, UK, France and the Netherlands are doing ruling Caribbean territories? Why are these places still occupied by foreign powers especially when there is no physical proximity to them? Why are European settlers there perfectly kosher while Jews returning to their ancient homeland are considered treif?

Elections have just been held in New Zealand and Germany. As far as Israel is concerned it makes no difference whether National or Labor form the next Government. The former is led by a PM who wholeheartedly endorses UN resolution 2334 and its false premises while the latter is led by a past leader of the international socialist youth which has an allergic reaction to Israel. Neither party has a clue about realities on the ground here. Increasing Islamic voters and trade with Islamic countries will ensure a continuing unbalanced attitude towards the Jewish State. In Germany we are witnessing the largest resurgence of a far right party since the Third Reich with all the implications for Jews that heralds. Although they profess to love Israel they also peddle weariness about Holocaust education and glorify the glorious achievements of Germany’s soldiers in the past. Will these straws in the wind make an impression on those Jews living in Germany? If past history is anything to go by it will be another case of too little too late.

In further examples of political lunacy we have heard Angela Merkel praise the Iran nuclear deal as “a model for North Korea talks!!” This at the same time as Iran declared once again its intention to destroy Israel and both Iran and North Korea fired missiles and thumbed their noses at all those idiots who believe that appeasement will purchase peace. The Irish not wanting to be overlooked have declared that the European Union must be part of the Middle East peace “push.”

Meanwhile at that theater of the absurd known as the UN another speech by Abbas inflicted the international community with a torrent of fabrications, revisionist history and plain old lies. This gem in particular caught my attention: Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, also in my speech before this Assembly last year, I appealed to the British Government to rectify the grave injustice it inflicted upon the Palestinian people when it issued the Balfour Declaration in 1917, promising Jews a national homeland in Palestine, despite the fact that Palestine was inhabited by the Palestinian people and was among the most progressive and prosperous countries, and should not have been colonised or placed under the mandate of a great power.

Until this moment, the British government has not taken any step to correct this historical injustice and has neither apologized to the Palestinian people nor compensated them, nor has it recognised the state of Palestine.

Please note the false claim that in 1917 Ottoman controlled Palestine was among the most progressive and prosperous countries in the world and that obviously Jews had not yet arrived there. In actual fact the country was destitute, barren and poverty-stricken and it only started to revive and provide employment for Arabs arriving from Arabia when Jews began to drain the malarial swamps and reclaim the desert. The fact that Abbas can sell his tainted bill of goods successfully to Israel and Jew haters alike, attests to the hypocrisy now prevailing.

Also at the UN, 15 Ambassadors wished Jews and Israel a happy New Year. Envoys from USA, Germany, Hungary, Albania, India, Argentina, Australia, Rwanda, Mexico, UK, Singapore, Estonia, Uruguay, Austria and Togo expressed felicitations. Not unsurprisingly, New Zealand, a co-sponsor of the infamous UN resolution 2334 was conspicuously absent from this list of well wishers.

This brings me to another case of New Zealand “missing in action.” It is usual on the occasion of the Jewish New Year for political leaders in most democratic countries where Jews reside to issue greetings and messages of support. This year the Australian Prime Minister, Leader of the Federal Opposition, Premiers from various States and other politicians took the opportunity to express best wishes to their Jewish citizens. In New Zealand by contrast there was a deafening silence from Government and Opposition alike. The only person to express public solidarity was a National backbencher in his personal capacity as an MP. Nothing better illustrates the irrelevance of the NZ Jewish Communities as far as the political establishment is concerned and the continuing disdain in which Israel is viewed.

At the European Parliament meanwhile, Leila Khaled, a Palestinian Arab woman convicted of terrorism who continues to advocate terror against Israelis, is going to be speaking about “women’s rights.”

Indoctrinated by continuing PA incitement against Israelis, yet another Palestinian Arab committed a murderous terror attack a few days ago. He was immediately hailed as a martyr by those touted as “peace” partners. However his family will shortly receive a reward.

According to PA regulations, the murderer’s family will immediately receive a 6,000 shekel grant and an additional 2,600 shekels each month for life, based on the following formula: 

1,400 shekels each month – base allowance;

400 shekels additional each month for each wife;

200 shekels additional each month for each child.

This terrorist had one wife and four children so his family will receive 2,600 shekel every month for life.

 At almost the same time, the fictitious and non existent “State of Palestine” was elected to Interpol as a full member. An entity which incites, promotes, facilitates and rewards murder of Israelis is elected to a world body dedicated to fighting crime!! Can you think of anything more obscene and morally bankrupt?

The Jewish New Year is hardly a week old and we are already off to a cracking start. Imagine what the next 12 months will bring.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.