Yad Vashem, Israel’s official memorial center for six million Jews  murdered during WWII, has issued a stinging critique of a joint statement by the Israeli and Polish prime ministers that was meant to resolve a rift between the countries over a contentious Polish law.
The Polish law, which made it illegal to accuse Poland of complicity in the ​mass murder of Jews at the time, ​was amended last week.
The two leaders — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and his Polish counterpart, Mateusz Morawiecki — issued their statement in an effort to put the controversy over the law behind them.


Yad Vashem, said the statement contained “grave errors and deceptions.”

Among other things, it objected to the statement’s assertion that the wartime Polish government-in-exile tried to stop the systematic murder of Polish Jews in Nazi death camps by trying to raise awareness among the Western allies and that it “created a mechanism of systematic help and support to Jewish people.”

Yad Vashem, a venerated state institution and the country’s hallowed authority on

​the documentation and research​ of the mass murder of Jews during WWII.​ declared that

“​Existing documentation and decades of historical research yield a totally different picture.”

This item was in the news today and is causing quite a stir in the Israeli media, politics and in the  Yad Vashem administration.

 I would agree, rightfully so since we should all be sensitive to the truth in general and especially about Jewish historical facts.
Whitewashing the despicable role played by the Polish nation as a whole before, during and after the Holocaust is a hideous crime to the memories of the victims and to Jewish history.
They willfully chose their role during the Holocaust. A handful chose differently and they will always be  our heroes.


It seems though that the outrage is limited to  European Jew haters –  and not

to ​Arab Jew-haters, ​who were o willing allies of Hitler.

I refer to the ​policy at Yad Vashem ​which whitewashes the role played by Palestinian ​Arab leader, Haj Amin el Husseini, in whipping up support for the Nazis and  their adoration of Hitler in particular

Before the current expansion of Yad Vashem, the old museum had a floor to ceiling photo of the infamous meeting between the Arab leader and Hitler in Berlin where Husseini did his all to help him make sure that no Jews were saved from the ovens.

Opposite that photo was an equally huge one of Jewish soldiers in the British army fighting the Nazis. The message was simple, loud and clear and true.

In the new Yad Vashem, that message is whitewashed and hidden.

I had to make two rounds of the museum to find what I was looking for – a photo of Husseini with Hitler. What I finally found was a tiny photo in a place where people are not likely to see it, of the Arab Nazi (made ceremonial general of the SS) with Himmler and not Hitler. After all many would not even recognize Himmler so the effect would be minimized as  is the size of the new photo.

It would seem that Hitler was dismissed or escaped from Yad Vashem.

This happened in the post-Oslo (the Arabs are no longer our enemies but peace partners…) PC version of Yad Vashem.

None of my communications with ​officials at Vashem re​ceive the courtesy of  a reply

The local guides at Yad Vashem with whom I have spoken are usually not even aware of the photo let alone discuss the subject with visitors.

Did someone say ​”​ whitewash​”?