Some questions regarding parts of my paper:
How do Arab societies pit Palestinians against Jews?
1 The Arab States could easily absorb the Palestinian Arab population, instead of relegating them a life of indignity in refugee camps for the past 70 year. *

I have a part talking about how Palestinians are distracted by local governments and being considered a problem while the officials use right of return to gain office

.How do you feel peace can be attained?
2.  The League of Arab States declared war in 1948 to destroy Israel. That same League of Arab States established the PLO in 1964 to galvanize the Palestinian Arabs for that same purpose.  If the League of Arab States and the PLO surrender and renounce their war aims, there will be peace.  
*ie dissolution of UNRWA or some sort of political revolution to end the PA?
3. UNRWA can only be dissolved if the UN General Assembly decides to do so. If the donor nations apply strict reforms, then UNRWA will cease to function in the way it currently operates. Here is the formula for UNRWA to reform and to effectively dissolve: http:// bedein-leading-fight-unrwa- reform-initiative/16871/
Can you send more info, perhaps do you have recent articles on child militants or the Gaza summer camps?? That would help show how indoctrination starts young.
4. Indeed, the summer camps function in such a way as to indoctrinate the Palestinian Arab children for war.Look at our films:
Do israeli schools do the same as Palestinian education- in regards to eradication of ones country and alteration of history?

*ie Oslo accords and delegitimization of israel in PA texts
5. Israel initiated a peace curriculum at the outset  of the Oslo accords, in contrast to the Palestinian Authority, whose new school system advocates total war since the introduction of new PA school books in August 2000.. see: find/Record/1589600
How are Palestinians treated in other countries, such as Jordan? And do other countries only care about them when they’re pitted against Israelis?
*ie how Jordanian brothers treat them

6. Palestinian refugees living in UNRWA camps after the 1948 war were given no status in Lebanon and in Syria. However, Palestinian refugees in UNRWA were granted  full citizenship in Jordan. The school systems in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan adopted a war curriculum against Israel, as did the ascent Palestinian Authority.