NEDA AMIN, Head of the Iranian News Department, Israel Resource News Agency at the Center for Near East Policy Reserarch.

Translation:  William B. Mehrvarz,

Following the release of a Palestinian young woman  who was convicted of attacking an Israeli soldier, the Hamas propaganda media have started an anti-Israel movement to create a new wave of hate and hostility for showing their anti-Zionist nature.

In this regard, Ismail Haniyeh, head of  Hamas, congratulated her during a telephone conversation with the Palestinian attacker, Tamimi, calling her a role model for Palestinian women and a symbol of struggle against Israel and according to his opinion “All Palestinians must take her path in fighting Israel”.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian attacker, visited the Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, immediately after her release and was welcomed by him as he encouraged her to continue her activism.

On the other hand, Maher Hurani, chairman of the board of directors of the Jordanian State University, has announced that the university has decided to give Tamimi a full scholarship to study law and he said in an interview with Guardian: “She could become a good lawyer who condemns the Israeli government in international courts”.

He also added: “The university will give her a full scholarship to study law and will provide her with housing as she is the symbol of resistance against Israel”.

To which the Palestinian attacker replied: “I will become a great lawyer and I will give back my people’s rights to them and I will sue Israel in criminal courts”.

And of course, it should be recalled that in this Islamic anti-Israel propaganda, the Turkish government has sided with the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, and Jordan and has supported the Palestinian attacker. Recep Tayyib Erdogan, the Turkish President, called her the “symbol of Palestinian resistance” during a phone call after her release. He congratulated her on her release and reaffirmed the Turkish government’s support for the Palestinian struggle against Israel.

In this regard, the Iranian regime has not been indifferent and has been very cheerful using their media and have celebrated as if Khomeini has been resurrected! A reliable source in Iran has confirmed that the Iranian government has given Ahed Tamimi a full scholarship to study in the University of Tehran and they have offered her Iranian citizenship also.

And yet according to Iran’s law, Iranian nationals who want to study international law, which is only offered for the master’s programs, also face major problems. Only 2000 applicants are accepted annually and 500 of them are selected from the children of the officials and Iraq-Iran war veterans or those who have government work history. But the Palestinian attacker is preferred over Iranian nationals!

A few other points are worth mentioning on this issue, which seems to be ignored in this Islamic propaganda and must be addressed.

First, the 17-year-old Palestinian girl who claims to have been treated violently and brutally in Israeli prisons said to the Guardian in her interview: “I had a lot of free time in prison and I used it to study law, and in fact me and some other prisoners turned jail into school for a while”.

Of course, this statement is a confession that she was treated well and was in good condition in prison. She managed to study her favorite books and resources of law were provided for her and she had enough time to decide what she wants to study in the future. And this confession probably slipped through the hands of her not-so-smart bosses who forgot to tell her “to be consistent with her lies in the frame of their propaganda” and the international human rights organizations that are looking for anything against Israel have not seen this.

The other point is the news being spread about her, “the brave teenager who attacked an Israeli soldier and was held in Israeli prison for 8 months, is now proudly released and will continue her fight against Israeli government”.

On one hand, the international media have published various pictures of her on their headlines as if she is a global hero who fought for peace and she now deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

On the other hand, the international human rights organizations have portrayed her as a symbol of an oppressed and innocent figure whose rights have been denied by the Israeli government, to show the world how innocent the Palestinian people are and how their basic human rights are violated by the Israeli government”.

They also placed her at the forefront of human rights reports that led to some human rights and child rights activists protesting.

And of course, a big part of this propaganda was the support from the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

Another point is that none of these institutions have mentioned what would have happened if this girl had killed the Israeli soldier during the attack and who would have been responsible for the loss of life of an innocent human being for the sake of a fascist, selfish, and terrorist-oriented people? Who would have talked about the atrocities against that Israeli soldier and the paint imposed to his family? None of the international media or the human rights organizations have ever paid attention to this matter so far and they always talk and write about the Palestinians’ oppression and call them oppressed.

Of course, this girl, as well as her people, have enjoyed this great opportunity which is called “oppression” in the world today!

But if this oppressed 17-year-old aggressive girl, could have been tried as an international terrorist. She had the freedom to chose her punishment. According to the Palestinian Information Center, “at first she was charged with 12 different accusations that could lead to a long sentence, but in the end, she admitted to only four and was indicted to eight months in prison and a fine equal to 1000 pounds”.

There is another question that arises: “while international human rights organizations claim that the Palestinians live in dire situations and are deprived of education, food, clothes, and shelter, and they need to be helped, and they receive huge amounts of money annually, how could a 17-year-old Palestinian girl who should have had the same bad conditions was capable of paying the 1000 pound fine?

Are the reports accurate or does this girl receive special support from Islamic extremist terrorists?

The acknowledgment of the Palestinian Authority in Tamimi being able to defend herself and her statements are proof of her rights as a citizen in Israel and proof of the existence of democracy in the State of Israel, in which even after her arrest she has been given the right to freely study and decide about her higher education. Even after her release she went behind the podium and emphasized on the continuation of her fight with the Israeli government and said: “And now I want to accept one of my scholarship offers and study international law to be able to fight Israel in courts”.

Her family has said: “Our daughter has not yet decided which of the scholarships she should choose. She is busy welcoming a large number of human rights activists who visit her house and congratulate her on her freedom and resistance”.

It should be noted that in a dictatorship, someone in her position would not have been released but in Israel where Palestinians never stop their hostility, it happens.

And at the end I need to mention the last point, my personal feelings without considering

an ideology and just based on my journalism, I wish I and my fellow Iranians had a bit of this girl and her people’s chance and the government that was ruling our country would not have imprisoned and executed those who oppose the regime/ I wish we had some of their “atrocities”.