The Center for Near East Policy Research is dedicated to proactive, investigative research and the publication of well-documented and cutting edge data on the core issues of the Israeli-Arab war, with one purpose in mind: to provide insight into the complex reality of Israel and the Middle East for decision makers, journalists and the general public.

Volunteer opportunities for all ages:

  1. Surveillance of anti Israel organizations
  2. Assisting in news investigations of UNRWA
  3. Monitor of Israel news coverage in German, Italian,Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish. German
  4. Organization of tours for diplomats
  5. Researching news stories
  6. Organizing press interviews for victims of terror
  7. Interviewing members of the Knesset
  8. Interviewing NGO’s and Consulates that deal with UNRWA, PA and human rights
  9. Welcoming journalists to Israel
  10. Researching news stories for visiting reporters