Mission Statement

A Campaign Against The Israeli Occupation Of Palestine, And For A Just And Viable Peace

Palestinians have lived under an illegal occupation for decades. Through UN resolutions, the nations of the world have repeatedly asked Israel to respect international law, to stop brutalizing Palestinians, and to end the Occupation of their land. Under the protection of its powerful ally and benefactor, the United States, Israel has been able to continue the occupation, build illegal settlements, deny the most basic of human rights, and pursue policies aimed at removing all Palestinians from their homeland.

Israeli Prime Minister Sharon and the Bush administration say that there can be no negotiations under violence. That is true. However, what they do not admit is: The Occupation is violence. The Occupation must end before there can be true progress toward justice, and justice is the only basis there can be for true and meaningful peace.

The Palestinian response over the years has been some attempts at armed  struggle (as is their right), but mostly peaceful protests,  demonstrations, and appeals to Israeli courts. The vast majority of Palestinians are peaceful, and want only for the Israelis to treat them with justice and respect, and to live in peace with them as neighbors. Although Israel points to the occasional acts of Palestinian violence as a grave problem, it is clear that the Occupation itself is the overwhelming, and continuous act of collective violence in the area.

Because Israeli violence against civilians in Palestine has worsened, and the repression of the Occupation has tightened, many international allies of the Palestinian cause want to do more than write letters, demonstrate, present programs, form solidarity delegations, or send humanitarian aid. They want to do something more dramatic to stop Israeli attacks on Palestinian neighborhoods and people with bombs and bullets, or closures and curfews, and to stop the United States from massively rewarding Israel for its brutality and protecting its occupation of Palestine. They want to take direct action that will oppose the Occupation and force Israel to withdraw from the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza.