After weeks of a campaign focused on various aspects of the party heads, New Right leader Naftali Bennett has pitched a tangible actionable proposal for dealing with a pressing critical national security issue which challenges the current “quiet for quiet” policy – the kick-the-can-down-the-road policy which the leaders of Blue White also embrace.

Under the quiet for quiet policy, Hamas and other military forces in the Gaza Strip can prepare for war against the Jewish State without interference as long as they don’t get too “noisy”. And even in those instances that they are “noisy” and fire rockets at Israel, Israel’s choice of targets in the target bank does not seek to wipe out the enemy’s weapons producing capabilities or armories but instead only provide an Israeli “tat” for the enemy “tit” to complete the round of “noise” and return to quiet.

Speaking this week at Maariv’s National Security Conference, Bennett described a plan to destroy the weapons factories and armories in the Gaza Strip and then follow up with a policy of destroying any new factories or armories the moment that they are discovered.

Frankly speaking, if that’s all Bennett said I would not have been impressed.

That plan would be empty words if the issue of human shields is ignored.

But Bennett addressed the issue head on.

“Launch first step crushing from the air and clearing the rocket capability of Gaza.

And that means seeking and destroying every missile warehouse and factory.

I don’t care if its under a residential building, it’s a military base

A house that’s a source of fire towards the State of Israel loses its right to be a house.

It’s not a residential home. It’s a military base.”

We have a window of opportunity to implement the plan.

On the one hand, our exposure to Security Council action is limited today thanks to the support of President Trump.

At the same time, it is claimed that Hezbollah has yet to upgrade its over hundred thousand missiles with guidance kits. Without the guidance kits the over hundred thousand missiles would only cause statistical damage – whatever they randomly slammed into – should they join the fray.

There is no telling how long this window of opportunity to essentially demilitarize the Gaza Strip will remain open.

I fervently hope that this idea gets traction in the remaining days of the campaign.