For years now Palestinian officials have been arguing that the money the PA gives to Palestinian prisoners and their families is nothing more that humanitarian assistance.

But now the mask is off.

The European Union Forum has proposed that the PA provide payments to Palestinian prisoners and their families according to their economic needs rather than their status based of the severity of what they did to Israelis.

Here is the response of Qadri Abu Bakr, Chairman of the Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Commission of the Palestinian Authority:

“The prisoners are freedom fighters and from our standpoint they have the standing of members of the security forces and therefore no Palestinian leader can agree to such a proposal.”
Jack Khoury – Haaretz 2 May, 2019.

Let me spell this out: carefully crafted sound bites notwithstanding, the official position of the PA is that no matter how gruesome the attack, no matter how shocking the victims, the Palestinian Authority will reward Palestinian who murder Israelis in accordance with the severity of the attack that they carry out.

With no exception.

By definition, in the eyes of the PA a Palestinian murdering Israelis cannot commit a war crime.

Which leaves us with a simple question.

How does J-Street react to this news? Silence is morally unacceptable.

What about Meretz?

Peace Now?

And of course, all the Democratic Party representatives who are constantly criticizing the Jewish State ostensibly on moral grounds?

Now is not the time for silence.