One would have thought by now everyone might have woken up to the fact that it is not a lack of money which prevents peace from breaking out between Israel and the PLO.

If in fact, it was a lack of “lollies” instead of a surplus of follies those who now call themselves “Palestinians” could have been enjoying independence, comfortable lives, economic security and full employment for seventy-one years. It was in 1947 that the UN offered the Arabs living in British Mandated Palestine the opportunity to establish their own State alongside that of a Jewish State. However, as everyone but historical revisionists and deniers of truth knows, that idea was rejected by the Arabs in favour of destroying the proposed Jewish nation and murdering all its inhabitants.

The 1947 rejection of partition was not the first time our mythical peace partners had told the international community to go to hell and as it has turned out was also not the last time. In fact, as recently as a few days ago the current leader of the PA, as well as representatives of the Palestine Liberation Organisation all, reiterated their wish for the American President and his proposals for economic advancement, to “go to hell.”

It is nothing short of amazing that there are still individuals and groups who cannot work or fathom out the real reason for a lack of peace and are mystified as to why a majority of Jewish Israelis, as well as a sizeable number of Israeli Arabs, are so adamantly opposed to yet another terror-supporting entity being created in our midst.

Billions of taxpayers’ money have been poured for years into bottomless coffers. Every year the demands increase and ever more dollars are extorted. The refugees multiply while UNRWA with the connivance of host countries and terror groups perpetuates the problem instead of solving it. The next generation is being inculcated with hate for Jews and a diet of poisonous lies about Israel’s legitimacy.

It is perfectly obvious that the avalanche of money from oil-rich Arab States and a gullible international community has not brought peace any closer. One has only to listen to politicians burbling an endless stream of nonsensical slogans about “two democratic States for two people living side by side in peace and security” to realize how very few of them are aware that dead-end option expired some time ago.

What is even more galling is the spectacle of non elected officials of Jewish groups who also spout this. Detached in their various places of Diaspora exile and never having to face the murderous intentions of those they wish to reward these “eytzis” givers feel free to admonish us at will.

Closet Jews, mouthing anti-Israel opinions, who hitherto have had nothing to do with Jewish Community life, education or perpetuation of Judaism, all of a sudden appear out of the woodwork and are embraced by the media. All one needs is to claim some remote connection to a Holocaust survivor or an aspiration for political office and therefore acceptance by the wider community and one can guarantee tons of publicity. Professional protest groups love these individuals and utilize them to bash Israel at every opportunity.

So, why after all these years is peace so elusive?

The answers my friends are not blown in the wind. It is as clear as daylight except for those who do not want to face reality.

The reality deniers to this day still trot out the same slogans which for more than seven decades have lead only to more murderous terror against Israelis. One would have thought that finally, the light might have dawned and the proponents of suicidal policies might have admitted that they were fooled, hoodwinked and are guilty of selling a fatally defective bill of goods. Unfortunately, this is not the case and despite withdrawals, futile gestures and other appeasement we are still facing the same old terror.

Proof that left-wing myopia is alive and well and impervious to any sort of past failures is evidenced by the latest pontifications from U.S. Democratic Party Presidential aspirants. Even more unhinged are the myriad Jewish groups which have issued messages and advice so out of sync with facts that it is no wonder there is a widening gulf with a majority of Israelis who daily face the lethal consequences of the very actions peddled forth.

Condemning the Trump Administration for recognizing Jerusalem as our Capital, shifting the U.S. Embassy there, acknowledging sovereignty of the Golan, pulling the rug from under UNRWA, stopping the flow of dollars to a kleptomaniac authority which pays murderers of Israelis and their families and venerates them as martyrs and shattering the myth of settlement illegality, puts all those groups offside with a majority of Israelis. Lecturing us ad nauseum that if we do not buy into their flawed visions we will be destroying democracy and denying the mythical Palestinian Arabs their “legitimate aspirations,” goes down like a lead balloon. Hailing past messiahs of disastrous schemes such as Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barak Obama, John Kerry, Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert, is met with derision here. Yet these groups like lemmings hurling themselves over a cliff continue to advocate more follies.

Who are some of the groups involved in the latest campaign to sway American opinion to pressure Israel?

They are (Americans for) Peace Now, Hashomer Hatzair, Jewish Labor Committee, J-Street, National Council of Jewish Women, NEW ISRAEL FUND and Partners for Progressive Israel. There are more but these represent a fair chunk of the American Jewish scene with most having branches in other countries.

They are perfectly entitled to advocate and lobby but at the same time, donors who in some cases may not be aware of the policies their funds are promoting should also be alerted.

What other proof do we need in order to realize that Abbas and his associated gang members are not interested in genuine peace?

The call for “days of rage” by Arabs to protest the conference in Bahrain confirms that yet again as has been the case for over seventy years no genuine desire exists for peace and co-existence.

The cat has once again been unintentionally let out of the bag as a report in the Jerusalem Post reveals. Amidst strident calls for boycotts and violence by Palestinian Arabs this statement sums up the real agenda:  “for the Palestinians, the conflict is not about the economy or improving living conditions..”  

A well-known member of the PLO executive is quoted as declaring that what is being offered in Bahrain is “an insult to our intelligence.” I guess that pretty well sums up the IQ level of our “partners.”

Courtesy of PMW take a look at what passes for “peaceful gestures” and intent:

The logical corollary is thus exposed by Palestinian Arab spokespeople. The ongoing conflict is really all about the very legitimacy and existence of the Jewish State. Everything else is red herrings which have been successfully sold to a gullible international community, media and socialist liberal progressives.

Will those duped ever wake up to this scam? Don’t hold your breath.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.