On Friday, June 21, 2019, the weekly return march was held along the Israel-Gaza Strip border. About 6,000 Palestinians participated, slightly more than in recent weeks. During the rioters used familiar forms of extreme violence near the border fence: they threw Molotov cocktails and IEDs, sabotaged the fence and tried to penetrate into Israeli territory. The theme of the Friday, June 28 march will be “May the Bahrain workshop fail.”

Even after the fishing zone off the Gaza Strip coast was increased and funds from Qatar entered the Gaza Strip, arson terrorism continues and its scope has increased. The rise in the number of incendiary and IED balloons launched led to a rise in the number of fires near the communities close to the Gaza Strip (on June 24, 2019, 13 fires were identified as having been set by balloons). The balloons are accompanied by psychological warfare from the launchers, who threaten to send the communities near the Gaza Strip up in flames. In response Israel halted the delivery of fuel to the Gaza Strip power plant.

Demonstrations were held in several cities in Judea and Samaria to protest the economic workshop in Bahrain. Thousands of Palestinians participated in the demonstrations, the most important of which was held in Ramallah. No exceptional events were reported. A general strike was called in the Gaza Strip and a march was held in the center of Gaza City. An event is planned for the area near the Karni Crossing in the northern Gaza Strip.