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UNRRP: The UNRWA Refugee Resettlement Plan
Proposed Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Forming Board of Directors to Foster  New Approach 

Help 5 million descendants of Arab refugees from 1948 to get on with their lives in a  new era of hope, after 70 years in limbo, where the singular option offered by UNRWA remains: “right of return” to homes that existed before 1948.

First Step:

Launch survey of those who live  under the aegis of UNRWA, to determine  where  descendants of the 1948 refugees could be relocated.

Second step: 

Survey of nations, to determine which countries would open their doors…


When a  Palestinian  refugee camp in Iraq imploded after the fall of Saddam Hussein, 18 nations welcomed them on a permanent basis. We filed a report from Chile on  the reception that these Palestinian refugees received.




Garner funds from amongst donors who pledged contributions at the June 2019 conference in Bahrain and at the June 2019 UNRWA donors convocation  in  New York .

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