Eight former Labour staffers, seven of whom are not Jewish, have spoken to the BBC of their experience in dealing with antisemitism complaints, which include Holocaust denial and praise for Hitler. For objecting to the party’s antisemitism, they have all been forced out of the Labour party, and threatened with legal action by lawyers acting for the Labour party.

On the program, Sam Matthews, the Labour Party’s Head of Disputes from 2016-2018, said that the abuse he suffered from Corbyn supporters when he tried to investigate anti-Semitism, pushed him to the brink of suicide. Another of his team says she suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of the vicious attacks on her.

Matthews, who is not Jewish, says “Jeremy Corbyn has done more to inflame antisemitism [in Britain] than any [major] political figure since Second World War.”


Since the program was broadcast on Wednesday evening, others who gave interviews in the program have been subjected to personal abuse from Corbyn supporters who have published their addresses online.

Louise Ellman MP, who was interviewed in the program, was inundated with messages from Corbyn supporters yesterday calling her a “Jewish bitch”.

The (Muslim) (Labour) mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has also been subjected to a torrent of abuse after he condemned his own party’s antisemitism.

For photos: https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2018/01/the-truth-about-iran-is-now-of-little-importance-to-jeremy-corbyn/


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  1. The UK has a history of anti-Semitism and brutality towards Jews from the 39 White Paper to the Exodus… Jews in England should remind their citizens, especially the youth of it’s country’s dirty laundry because most probably don’t know anything about all that.

    But Israel has NEVER stood up to the world about the LEGALITY of Jews living in Judea & Samaria, has never debunked the LIE that Israel is an apartheid state, has never explained that she voluntarily made concessions to the Arabs (and explained that there is no occupation), has never shown the world the TRUE nature of the PA/PLO or the murderous nature of its leaders and much of the Arab populace. Arabs have done a “magnificent” job of portraying themselves as the defenseless victims and Israel has done a non-existent job of telling its side and the TRUTH.


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