This past week events focused on the fatal stabling attack in Gush Etzion of Dvir Soreq, an IDF soldier and yeshiva student. Two Palestinians suspected of the stabbing attack were detained in the village of Beit Kahel, in the Hebron area (about six miles from the site of the attack). According to the Israeli media, interrogation indicated they apparently acted alone and the attack was not premeditated. Hamas spokesmen praised the “heroic attack” and called for the continuation of the “popular struggle” and the intifada against Israel. Senior Palestinian Authority figures did not comment on the attack.

On August 11, 2019, the date of both the Jewish Tisha B’Av1 and the Muslim Eid al-Adha,2 thousands of Muslims rioted near the Mughrabi Gate on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, throwing stones, chairs and other objects at Israeli policemen. Behind the riots were calls from Palestinian figures, including Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor for religious affairs, to defend alAqsa mosque and prevent Jews from visiting the Temple Mount compound. Following the riots the police closed the Temple Mount compound to Jews. When the situation became calm the police allowed them to visit, but when the riots recommenced they were kept out again.