For decades, the UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees, officially known as the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, has been doing nothing but perpetuating the Palestinian problem.

The relief and employment it provides thanks to the generous donations of the international community are fueling Palestinian hatred of Israel and it is inflating the number of Palestinian “refugees” to a scope that makes any solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict impossible.

Until a few years ago, harsh criticism was only leveled at UNRWA only people like Center for Near East Policy Research Director David Bedein, who relentlessly tried to expose the refugee agency’s true colors.

Many wouldn’t listen. And then came US President Donald Trump and exposed the agency for what it was, bravely ignoring the political correctness that prevented other Western countries from ever saying anything bad about UNRWA. Now, the truth about UNRWA is finally reaching the most important person of all – UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, as the General Assembly will soon rule on extending UNRWA’s mandate.

It is too soon to tell whether reforms would be instated. Still, once the UN chief is willing to listen to the agencies’ critics, there is room to expect positive developments.