This past week as well no return march was held in the Gaza Strip. Several dozen Palestinian demonstrators gathered near the border fence in two locations. No exceptional events were reported.

This past week the Sons of al-Zawari unit (which launches incendiary and IED balloons into Israeli territory) announced on its Facebook page that it was renewing its activities. It reported that the first batch of incendiary and IED balloons had been launched.

The Palestinian terrorist organizations, among them Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), issued a joint announcement about their visits to Tehran and participation in Qassem Soleimani’s funeral. According to the announcement, while in Iran they consulted with the Iranians about the option of “resistance” to Israel [i.e., terrorism], which they claimed was the only way “for the Palestinians to achieve all their rights.” In the Gaza Strip the terrorist leadership continued eulogizing Soleimani and referring to the great contribution he and Iran had made to the construction of the Palestinians’ military capabilities. In a meeting behind closed doors in Gaza City Yahya al-Sinwar praised Iran and Soleimani, and said Iran was the only state supporting the “resistance” with money and weapons.