“The teacher will tell [the students] a short story about our homeland Palestine: ‘My grandfather was living in a beautiful village in [the vicinity of] Haifa. He worked in agriculture, loved the land and guarded it. On one sad day, foreign faces came to expel my grandfather from his land, burn the crop and force him to emigrate to distant lands’.”

(Teacher’s guide, Our Beautiful Language, Grade 2 (2018) p. 124)

“Sixth question: ‘Settlement is not a goal in itself only, but it is also a means to seizing control of Palestine politically. Therefore, we must built Hebrew settlements’:

  • I will express my opinion on this saying: Zionist settlement in Palestine is not restricted to construction activity only, but accompanies the destruction of the Palestinian Arab society, thus implementing their racist Zionist thinking of denying the other and its uprooting, no coexistence with it and unacceptance of its existence. It is a means for controlling Palestine and its occupation and the building of the Zionist state there.
  • I will explain the Zionist occupation’s goal in strengthening the settlement: The occupation’s goal is to replace and force the Palestinian people to emigrate in order to make the Zionist immigrants settle in Palestine instead.”

(Answers to questions: teacher’s guide, History Studies, Grade 11 (2018) p. 126)