Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh on Saturday called for a comprehensive strategy to thwart the Israeli “annexation plan” and the US “Deal of the Century”, which will be based on the goal of liberating all Palestinian land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean.

In a speech, Haniyeh said that the proposed strategy is important because the Zionist enterprise threatens not only “Palestine” but the entire Arab and Islamic region.

The Hamas leader noted that the Palestinians should renounce the Oslo Accords, stop cooperation with Israel, cancel recognition of Israel and reach agreement on national unity.

Haniyeh said that a united plan of action was also needed in a comprehensive fight against Israel, headed by an armed resistance. In this regard, Haniyeh said that Hamas is continuing the process of building its power and is ready to enter the scene if and when required.

Haniyeh also called for the establishment of a strong Islamic bloc that would support the Palestinian position and strengthen the Palestinian organizations in their fight against Israel.