Daily Archives: August 20, 2020

Time to Kill the Zombie Iran Nuclear Deal at UN

The United Nations Security Council soon will be plunged into a momentous debate as the Trump administration seeks to kill the 2015 Iran nuclear deal once and for all by invoking “snapback” sanctions. Despite the...

New UNRWA school year

Letters sent today to Ambassadors of UNRWA donors : Canada, Australia, Holland, Belgium, the UK, Denmark,Norway, Sweden and Germany: Your excellency, The Center for Near East Policy Research engages in documented research, with an emphasis on...

UNRWA Terror Balloons-subtitles in English, Hebrew and German

UNRWA Terror Balloons – English Subtitles https://vimeo.com/449054894 UNRWA Terror Balloons – Hebrew subtitles UNRWA Terror Balloons - Hebrew from המרכז לחקר מדיניות המזה"ת CFNEPR on Vimeo. UNRWA Terror Balloons – German subtitles https://vimeo.com/449054907