Letters sent today to Ambassadors of UNRWA donors : Canada, Australia, Holland, Belgium, the UK, Denmark,Norway, Sweden and Germany:

Your excellency,

The Center for Near East Policy Research engages in documented research, with an emphasis on the UNRWA school system, where the PA is the provider of UNRWA textbooks.

The Center for Near East Policy Research has obtained and examined all PA textbooks for the past 20 years.

We have learned from five meetings with the staff of the UN secretary general Gutierrez, that nations which donate to UNRWA, bear special responsibility to review the curriculum of UNRWA, because of indiscretions that have occurred in the textbooks:


Has your embassy assigned a professional to review the schoolbooks for UNRWA in the coming year? Please note that our professionals who have reviewed the books will be pleased to meet with you to discuss the content of the UNRWA curriculum.
We wish to point your attention to the third-grade book (page 68-69), and ask what action will you be taking in regard to this text where UNRWA actively declares war on the Jews?

Elad Widlanski

Research Associate