Regarding “The United Arab Emirates cannot have it both ways” (September 8), kol hakavod to David Bedein for once again highlighting the hypocrisy exhibited by our Arab “friends” in the Middle East. If Israel is expecting a real, full-throated peace with the UAE, Israel must insist the UAE stop its sponsorship of the anti-Israel and Jew-hating education that permeates the UNRWA curriculum and encourage its allies to do the same.

Outspoken public rhetoric and protestations of friendship and cooperation must be accompanied by corresponding actions. Israel has too long ignored these “peripheral” violations that fly in the face of sincere, peaceful rapprochement.

Los Angeles

I am in favor of the UAE deal, but only with the provision that we our set some conditions of our own, just like UAE did. For example:

1) The UAE must stop giving $51 million a year per annum with no strings attached to finance UNWRA war education.

2) The UAE must support our enforcing Area C restrictions to prevent the daily Arab and EU land confiscation and construction meant to undercut Israeli sovereignty as enshrined in the Oslo Accords.