Veteran journalist, Dr. Michael Widlanski responds to Tom Friedman’s interview.

Tom Friedman launched his career with a series of lies about the massacre in Beirut in September 1982.

I know because I was in the room with him when he ignored his own interview with Maj. Saad Hadad, the commander of the pro-Israeli South Lebanon Army.

Mr. Friedman led people to believe that Israel and Hadad carried out the Sabra-Shatilla massacre in southern Beirut, when it was actually people from Al-Kataa’ib –“The Phalange” a Maronite militia.

Friedman has never apologized for the lie.

Friedman and other reporters in Beirut also covered up atrocities and brutality by the PLO and Syria, because they were afraid.

Later Friedman would coin the term “Hama Rules” for the brutality of the Assad Regime, but he never wrote about it while he was there.

It would be nice if a person who claims to be a reporter would actually employ real facts instead of using a litany of lies and “ifs” as he does in this interview.