Here are some things that have been working out better than expected:

1. The Health Ministry – Misrad Habriyut *5400 – they have never been more amenable! Theyactually answer the phone in a timely fashion and give clear, relevant answers(and not just regarding Corona – my clients have many other, often complicated,issues)!

2. The new government central number
They have helped me with real estate transactions, when the Property Tax office either did notanswer, or was incapable.
They helped with Transport Ministry matters – my client hadbeen waiting for months for a new drivers’ license; I got it for her in onephone call!
They’ve helped me with technical difficulties with the JusticeMinistry website.

3. The Rabbinic Court – have been very helpful in obtaining old files for my clients –various judgements, including Probate orders from years ago.

4. Deadlines– by the banks, courts, tax authorities, insurance companies, etc. have allbeen graciously extended.

5. General Professional Flexibility – my experience has been a generosity of spirit amongst lawyers, accountants, and between them and their clients. Notably, Macabi Health Services has been outstanding in their administrative patience andcare!

6. And, the winner is:
Bituach Leumi! They have come through forthe elderly and the disabled in a way that no seasoned pessimist could have predicted.

*I’ve chosento focus on the positive!

* The contents of this blog do not constitute legal advice; these are merely suggested scenarios.


Mindy Aber Barad, Advocate
Director of Operations
Senior Services Plus Israel
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