When a social service agency provides cash  assistance, there is little transparency.

59 UNRWA refugee facilities  in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem are plagued by organized crime: Trafficking women, narcotics, cars and weapons. Unchecked cash from UNRWA donor nations fuels  an  UNRWA black economy, with no accountability or transparency whatsoever.

Do the UNRWA nations know what happens to their cash assistance? 

Some UNRWA cash allocations, as reported from the UNRWA twitter account


Cash assistance helps provide dignity. It is direct, has an immediate impact & allows Palestine refugees to buy based on their needs.

Unfortunately, our ability to provide emergency cash assistance to #PalestineRefugeesAtRisk is under threat due to a funding shortfall.


The impact of an ongoing funding shortfall could be devastating for Palestine refugees. In the oPt alone, it could mean disrupting:

⚠️Cash assistance to abject poor Palestine refugees in the West Bank

⚠️ Food assistance in Gaza

Mental health & psychosocial support services


Thanks to contributions from donors like the EU in 2020, UNRWA was able to provide cash assistance to over 415,000 Palestine refugees, of whom about 135,000 belong to the most vulnerable categories.



From emergency cash and food assistance to education to health care to livelihoods, UNRWA is transforming the lives of #PalestineRefugeesAtRisk every day.

Dignity and hope are at the heart of our mission to foster self-sufficiency for the refugees we serve.


This @qatar_fund contribution will enable the continued provision of cash assistance distribution to Palestine refugees left devastated by the protracted conflict in Syria, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. #QFFD