Journalists should be reporting the news. They should not be editorializing, and certainly not trying to change the opinions of the masses. They should be reporting. But today, the age-old field of journalism is completely different than what it used to be.

Walter Cronkite was the person that was called the most trusted person in America. A journalist. Is there any journalist today that can come anywhere close to being called the most trusted person in America? On the contrary, one would think that of the ten least trusted people in America, most would probably be journalists.

Today is a day when the field of journalism needs a total reset. The field of journalism is critical for our free speech. And the job of journalists is to insure this right. The problem is that most of the journalists are not searching for the truth, but working on getting their narratives out to the masses. The words “fake journalism” are unfortunately, very real today. Let’s hope we get to a different place in the future and a return to normalcy.