The next stage of ​The Nahum Bedein Center’s ​UNRWA ​investigation​s ​will document UNRWA ​culture​,  ​and ​work with television crews ​on location in UNRWA facilities which in ​​Judea​, ​​Samaria, Jerusalem and Gaza, ​working with a new central studio in Jerusalem.

​UNRWA​.org promotes UNRWA culture.​​ promotes children ​to participate in ​​UNRWA  ​culture; ​art, ​music, ​dance, theatre and sports.

UNRWA​.org  ​does ​not mention​ that  UNRWA cultur​e focuses on  murdering of Jews.

UNRWA sports teams are named for ​killers “martyred” in the act of murdering Jews.

Theatre groups thrive in UNRWA schools and youth clubs​, ​glorify​ing​ those who murder Jews.

UNRWA music, murals and art  ​portray  murderers as ​heroes.

Art​s taught to UNRWA children ​teaches concept​s​ of ​”​murder through arts and crafts​”​.

From the new ​UNRWA film studio, ​the Bedein Center will dispatch crew​s​ to film art exhibitions, sports,​plays and ​​youth clubs, documenting UNRWA indoctrination to genocide.

It is vital to present a  timely and authentic audio-visual record ​to present to ​each ​parliament of​ each UNRWA ​donor nation, ​in their own language.

​The  leading UNRWA donor nations:

Th​e new UNRWA studio  will engage professional journalists who ​speak the language of each major donor nation: ​Arabic, German, English, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Japanese, French​, Flemish​ and Turkish.

The goal: ​Produce short documentaries in ​each ​language​,arrang​e presentations in each

donor parliament and organize professional briefings for each​ ​consulate in Jerusalem, as well as the Knesset.

The UN Secretary General has met six times with the staff Bedein Center since 2017.

The ​constructive ​message​ of the UN Secretary General​: to influence UNRWA policy, you must ​influence the donor​ nations.

Seeing is Believing.