Mayy 11th 2021
Dr. Darko Mocibob
Deputy Director
Middle East And West Asia Division
Dept. of Political Affairs

Rabbi Abraham Cooper
Associate Dean
Simon Wiesenthal Center

Dear Dr. Mocibob,

Our professionals, based in Gaza. report that missiles launched at all parts of Israel are being fired from the UNRWA refugee camps in Gaza.

This is the time to ask UNRWA to disarm UNRWA refugee camps to save lives.

If UNRWA does not disarm, then it is likely that the IDF will go in and disarm them, which will cause tremendous loss of life, both of Israeli soldiers and of UNRWA school children.

Since you have stressed that the responsibility to oversee UNRWA lies with donor nations, please ask each UNRWA donor nations to dispatch their diplomats to make it clear that continued funding of UNRWA depends on total disarmament of all UNRWA facilities.

Kind regards,
Julia Marks
Diplomatic liaison, Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research
Tel: +972-2-6236368
David Bedein,Director
Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research
Beit Agron Center, 37 Hillel Street
Tel: 02-6236368