The Palestinian Authority describes itself as “the State of Palestine” and considers itself a full state under foreign occupation the boundaries of which are not restricted to the 1967 lines. The name “the State of Palestine”, not “the Palestinian Authority”, appears on the cover of all schoolbooks. The example here – the cover of an Arabic language textbook for grade 8, part 1, published in 2020 – shows the PA emblem with the inscription underneath saying “the State of Palestine; Ministry of Education and Higher Education” (marked by a red circle on top right).


  1. If there is country called Palestine, then every time one of their citizens attack an Israeli, then that is a declaration of war which would permit Israel to respond military. Beware of what you wish for.

  2. If this is what they teach their children, it’s no wonder why they grow up to be terrorists committed to the obliteration of Israel and the extermination of Jews worldwide (Hamas Charter / PA Mission Statement + speeches by PA President Abbas and other PA secular leaders and Islamic Imams & scholars).

    The MSM are aware of this but choose to ignore it. As a result, most viewers / listeners / readers are probably unaware of this anti-Israel / antisemitic indoctoration. So it’s up to us to try and broaden awareness.

    Please read and then share with friends on social media and encourage them to do the same. Many thanks.


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