Medals are usually awarded to individuals or groups for outstanding achievements and for making a positive impact on society in general.

More often than not these are well deserved.

It seems to me however that there are instances where medals should be awarded to those whose malign and moronic impacts can cause chaos and whose negative contributions may indeed herald catastrophic consequences. Likewise, recognition should be extended to those who stand mutely to one side as predictable lethal mayhem is concocted.

I am not of course suggesting that these medals would represent some sort of “kol hakavod” – well done – award but rather an ironic recognition of how well the recipients managed to fool too many for too long or were witless, silent witnesses to the obvious stupidity of so many.

Let me present my 2021 list of worthy winners with the caveat that this does not represent each and every applicant but merely a sample of some of the most outrageous in recent times. Without a doubt, 2022 will provide another opportunity to enrol further eligible candidates from an ever-mutating range of qualified “lovers of Zion.”

A prime candidate for a gold medal in the “allies’ solidarity” category must surely be the Biden/Harris/Blinken administration. Having scuttled out of Afghanistan quicker than mercury escaping from a broken (old fashioned) thermometer and leaving hundreds if not thousands of former Afghans to the tender mercies of the Taliban this most definitely must rank as one of the most shameful betrayals in recent times.

I hope the Taiwan authorities are aware that they will most probably be fairly high on the next abandonment list. The US Joint Chiefs’ Chairman remarked not so long ago: “the US military has the ability to defend Taiwan from an attack by China – HOWEVER, it would be up to the President to give the go-ahead.”  That is the first red flag that should give the Taiwanese pause for serious thought. It was followed by the President himself who warned: “the Administration is NOT encouraging Taiwan independence.”  A clearer clue as to what will happen when an emboldened China finally welcomes Taiwan back to the “motherland” cannot be articulated. In effect, the Taiwanese are stuffed and will be sacrificed on the altar of the UN Security Council while Washington issues meaningless condemnations.

Just as the Tibetans have been sacrificed, the Uyghur minority abandoned and the Ukrainians given false hope that they will be saved from Russian salvation so it behoves Israel to take note of the waffling and warbling sounds emanating from not only Washington but also the other democracies when it comes to the looming Iranian threats. When those in Washington obsess on a daily basis over the fact that Jews are building homes in Judea and Samaria as well as our capital, then one has to wonder whether in the priority of things the Iranian threat to annihilate us takes second place.

Having failed dismally, despite their overwhelming populations, to come anywhere near the number of Jewish Nobel prize winners, it is perhaps worthwhile to award those who spend every waking moment trying to boycott and deny us an alternative prize. Whether one calls it the alternative Oscar award for Hollywood style tantrums or the alternative Nobel prize for fantastic fantasies, serious consideration should be given to these recent examples of what passes for so-called tolerant dialogue. I might add that not one of the following caused any comment or condemnation from UN members who habitually vote against Israel.

To commemorate Women’s Day the PA Minister of Women’s Affairs explained in all seriousness that there was total equality between men and women in the PA because female “martyrs” had joined their male terror counterparts in murdering Jews/Israelis. This is surely worthy of the “fantasia” gold medal. If you doubt this take a look here (courtesy of PMW):


Hollywood performers garner awards in various areas of the performing arts but unfortunately winning medals for any sort of intelligent knowledge of the Israel/Arab conflict is not in their collective CVs. More than 100 Hollywood celebrities have signed an open letter condemning Israel’s decision to designate six Palestinian Arab “charities” as terrorist-supporting organizations. A UK group grandly named “artists for Palestine/UK” trotted out the familiar mantra of “occupation and settler colonialism.”


Helen Mirren is starring as Golda Meier in an upcoming film. She has been savaged and condemned on social media for having the temerity to do so. Fortunately, she is one of the few famous stars who actually knows what she is talking about and can sift the lies from the truth when it comes to reality in the Middle East.

Justin Bieber is scheduled to perform in Israel in 2022. This has unleashed a torrent of abuse from all and sundry. The most hilarious reaction demanding Bieber cancel his visit has been issued by the Hamas Department of Artistic Productions. Presumably this hitherto unknown department is deep underground, hidden in the tunnels beneath UNRWA schools and clinics in Gaza and protected by the Department of Rockets and Missiles. A more Alice in Wonderland scenario you could not make up. They are definitely worthy of some sort of award.

To conclude this round of what passes for daily manifestations of moronic stupidity there can be no better example than Iran’s proposed law to ban all animal pets. This enlightened edict from the Mullahtocracy will encompass crocodiles, turtles, snakes, lizards, rats, mice rabbits, dogs and other unclean animals including monkeys. Iranians will be forbidden from having any of these as pets and severe penalties will ensue for ignoring these laws. I believe that Iran should be awarded the SPCA gold medal for the protection of endangered species.

As we enter 2022 in the civil calendar, here are my suggestions for the New Year’s honour lists which the international community should consider because nothing is surer than that the coming year will be a vintage one.

In no particular order they are:

  • Neville Chamberlain award for appeasement and abandonment of allies.
  • Vichy medal (1st. class) for capitulation in the face of terror.
  • Jeremy Corbyn medal for friendship with groups which foster hate.
  • Josef Stalin citation for gulag re-education camps in China.
  • Erdogen medal for promoting tourism from Israel to Turkey.
  • Kim Jong Un medal for best ways to cheat on nuclear weapons development and blackmail.
  • IOC award for fostering Olympic Games in countries which abuse human rights.
  • Vatican prize for helping Nazi war criminals evade justice.
  • Trump accolade for foot in mouth idiocy.
  • Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden joint award for election of most unsuitable candidate to lead the free world.
  • Arafat medal for double-cross diplomacy.
  • UN award for ignoring real-world threats and instead obsessing over Israel.
  • UNRWA certificate for perpetuating the Arab refugees and ensuring donor countries are milked dry.
  • Ramallah awards for denying any Jewish indigenous presence in Israel.
  • PA gold medal for trotting out every Christmas the lie that Jesus was the first Palestinian martyr.
  • PA silver medal for all those who swallow the above without any protest.
  • Grand Mufti gold medal for proving that the Temple never existed and that all archaeological discoveries are part of the Zionist conspiracy.
  • Grand Mufti silver medal for fostering religious tolerance by advancing the claim that the Kotel and Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron are the exclusive property of Islam and that Jews are permanently banned from praying there.
  • The Chelm Prize for trying to govern a country with 8 political parties all diametrically opposed to each others’ policies.

This is not an exhaustive list and can be added to at any stage.

If you have nominations for any of the above categories feel free to let your views be known. There is no deadline as it can be guaranteed that worthy recipients will not be in short supply.